Riot police have arrived at the protest site to disperse the crowds with tear gas. Protestors were picking up leftover supplies as they fled the scene.

The police stopped firing tear gas after 15 minutes as they reclaimed control over the protest area and the legislature. Several legislators have urged the police to minimize the use of force to allow enough time for demonstrators to leave.


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Police disperse protestor crowds with tear gas.


Most protestors have left the legislature before the police crackdown.


In a statement, a protestor inside the LegCo requested Carrie Lam to respond to the following citizen demands:

1) Withdraw the extradition bill
2) Retract rioting claims
3) Dismiss criminal charges against anti-extradition protestors
4) Investigate power abuse within the police force
5) Universal suffrage by 2020


Police said they will soon take "appropriate force" to clear the LegCo area if protestors do not leave immediately.


Some protestors are leaving the building as police have announced site clearance. A young demonstrator, with his mask off, tries to convince others to stay and says that occupying the legislature would only happen once in their lifetime.

"Hongkongers have nothing more to lose," he says.



Protestors broke into the LegCo building after an afternoon of standoff with the police. The massive crowd flooded into the building and the police were forced to retreat immediately.


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Protestors inside of the LegCo building.


Protestors and riot police are only separated by a metal gate, the last barrier before protestors break into the legislature. Police have warned protestors that they will arrest anyone who barges in.


The government has issued a press release condemning the protestors who attempted to storm the legislature with violence. Protestors are removing the iron fence to the LegCo entrance as riot police stand guarded inside the building.


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Masked protestors smashing the legislative's glass window.


Protestors marching with banners and posters are demanding the complete withdrawal of the extradition bill and Carrie Lam's resignation.

The crowds booed as they passed by a screen broadcasting a celebratory message for the 22nd anniversary of Hong Kong's handover from the United Kingdom to China.

Hong Kong July 1

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Protestors at Hennessy Road near Wan Chai


The march organized by the Civil Human Rights Front (CHRF) has embarked from Victoria Park. Police have urged the CHRF to either postpone the rally or change the endpoint due to safety concerns, but the request was refused. The organizer announced changing the endpoint to Chater Road in Central and advised protestors to prioritize safety.


Protestors at the annual July 1 pro-democracy march once again demand a complete withdrawal of the extradition bill and for chief executive Carrie Lam to step down. Prior to the march, around 1,500 demonstrators gathered outside of the legislature in Admiralty, attempting to break the glass door with a trolly. The protestors and the riot police are at a standstill.


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The march organized by the CHRF was scheduled to begin at 3 pm. Over a thousand protestors, however, smashed the legislature's glass door with iron bars and other tools. Riot police equipped with rifles and shields from inside of the building raised a red flag to warn the protestors.


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Police attempt to disperse protestors with pepper spray.

Some legislators are trying to calm the protestors.

Claudia Mo, a pro-democracy legislator, told the crowd that it's easy to force into the building, but the rioting charges are punishable by up to 10 years in prison. The protestors have paid little attention to her comment and demanded another democratic politician Lam Cheuk-ting to open the front gate. Lam said it was not within his capacity to do so.

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