Hong Kong's Pro-Democracy Movement
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Hong Kong's Pro-Democracy Movement

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At the end of the 2014 Umbrella Movement, Hongkongers promised they will be back. In June 2019, Hong Kong mobilized one-third of the population to protest against the government's extradition bill. The News Lens is covering the ongoing movement and rallies in collaboration with our Hong Kong-based team.

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How Hong Kong Activists Are Sustaining Pro-Democracy Movement in Taiwan

James X. Morris

After a year of intense protesting, Hong Kong activists in Taiwan are shifting gears, organizing a group called Hong Kong Outlanders to encompass art, education, and lobbying of government figures to sustain interest in their cause.


6 Ways Hong Kong’s National Security Law Contradicts Its Current Legal System

Li Kua-teng

The national security law contradicts Hong Kong's de facto constitution and strips judges of their power of interpretation.


Hong Kong’s National Security Law May Endanger Foreign Nationals

Daphne K. Lee

Beijing has granted itself extraterritorial power with Hong Kong's draconian national security law, which may endanger foreign nationals who offer any form of assistance to Hongkongers.


One Year On, Hongkongers Changed but Unmoved

Daphne K. Lee

On the one year anniversary of Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement, the media's rush to pronounce the "end of Hong Kong" doesn't consider the changes the protest has brought about among Hongkongers — or the long term.


Clashes Mar Christmas Celebrations in Hong Kong

Voice of America

Christmas celebrations in Hong Kong were disrupted by riot police violently dispersing anti-government protesters.


Massive Victory for Hong Kong’s Pro-Democracy Parties in Local Elections

Daphne K. Lee

After six months of protests, a record-breaking voter turnout in Hong Kong’s local elections led to a sweeping victory for the pro-democracy camp.


How Can We Abolish the Hong Kong Police Force?


How realistic is the “sixth demand” from the pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong? Can we learn anything from the abolitionist movement in the U.S.?


China Says Hong Kong Courts Have No Authority Over Face Mask Ban's Constitutionality

Daphne K. Lee

China's top legislature slammed Hong Kong's High Court ruling that the anti-mask law was unconstitutional.


Hong Kong Bans Online Posting of Police Personal Details

Deutsche Welle

The city's highest court has banned the publication of police-officer-related information and photographs without their consent. The move comes at the end of Hong Kong's fifth consecutive month of pro-democracy protests.


Beijing’s Self-Destructive Coercion on American Companies Failed Miserably

Milo Hsieh

Beijing’s recent attempts of silencing dissent abroad has infuriated the American public and sparked even further discussions on the Hong Kong protests and the CCP’s bullying of American companies.

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