2020 on Hiatus
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2020 on Hiatus

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Our world has been plagued by things beyond the coronavirus itself: panic, disinformation, racism, unemployment, and loneliness. In a series of essays, we’re going to talk about the social and psychological impact through personal anecdotes and observations. Together, we would imagine the possibilities that await us after the pandemic.

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Are We Ready for Higher Education to Go Remote?

Esther Kao

Graduating from college while taking remote classes was not just a drain. It made clear the transformative power of campus life.


What Does It Mean to Be an Expat, Anyway?

Nicholas Haggerty

Foreigners, expats, immigrants, migrant workers. Will these class labels have the same meaning in the post-pandemic world?


Can Social Distancing Free Us From Networking?

Syrena Lin

As social activities are at an all-time low, are we realizing that social events and networking are overrated and mostly unnecessary?


Can We Pray Away the Coronavirus in Indonesia?

Randy Mulyanto

Indonesia's government relies on the Almighty to ward off Covid-19. My fellow citizens crowd at a McDonalds against social distancing measures. But I haven't lost hope.


Did Taiwan Miss the Boat to Change Its Work Culture?

Daphne K. Lee

Given Taiwan's much-lauded pandemic response, remote work was barely an option for many office workers. Taiwan might have missed the chance to leave its factory work mindset behind.


Will Singapore Search for Its Soul After Covid-19?

Kirsten Han

Covid-19 has given us many reasons to be pessimistic that Singapore will change, but there's hope.


Will Taiwan Still Be the 'Orphan of Asia' After Covid-19?

Brian Hioe

“As the world burns, Taiwan soldiers on” is our collective experience of the pandemic. Will this make Taiwan even more isolated or connected than before?

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