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Does Universal Basic Income Have a Home in Taiwan?
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Does Universal Basic Income Have a Home in Taiwan?

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The cash stimulus payments issued by many governments during the Covid-19 pandemic have given new life to calls for a universal basic income (UBI) — unconditional, sustained cash payments. Does UBI have a home in Taiwan? Since Taiwan has avoided calamity from Covid-19, major stimulus wasn’t seen as necessary. But economic stability could be all the more reason to think big about addressing social inequality. Here we evaluate the possibility of launching a UBI program in Taiwan.

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Basic Income Is an Investment in Taiwan’s Most Valuable Asset

Tyler Prochazka

Basic income is an investment in Taiwan’s most critical and valuable resource: its people.


UBI as a Voucher: The Case Against Universal Basic Income

UBI promises more choice, but it doesn't allow people to change the terms on which choices are offered. Taken with the particularities of Taiwan's financial system, UBI may not be an idea well-suited for the country.

Universal basic income vector illustration. Flat tiny money receiving person concept. Economical governmental income guarantee to resident citizens equality. Social support system to reduce poverty.

Is Universal Basic Income Feasible in Taiwan?

Chieh-Chi Hsieh

Universal Basic Income provides economic stability and is believed to address social inequality, but Dr. Chieh-Chi Hsieh makes a case against the idea to launch such a program in Taiwan.

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