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PHOTO STORY: Love Commandos, Marrying for Love in India
In India, young lovers threatened with honor crimes are finding solace with a voluntary organization dedicated to rescuing them.
2018/01/15 | Frances Kitt
What Can China Gain from the Korean Olympic Talks?
China has been working behind the scenes to draw down tensions on the Korean peninsula.
2018/01/12 | Aim Singpeng
Fake News Haunts Indonesia's Growing Online Communities
A lack of faith in mainstream media and the failure to maintain democratic institutions is breeding fake news that tells you what to feel as well as what to think.
2018/01/12 | Isaac Kfir
China Is Making Inroads in Israel as Trump Alienates Allies
China is challenging American hegemony everywhere, not just in the Asia-Pacific.
2018/01/12 | Adam P MacDonald
Can Myanmar Wean Itself Off North Korea?
North Korea remains a stable source of materiel and military expertise for Myanmar.
2018/01/11 | Vivienne Chow
Hong Kong's Passports Reveal a Deeper Divide
Vivienne Chow explains how the BNO passport is still an important material shibboleth.
OPINION: The US and China Are at a Critical Juncture
China’s integration into the Western-built system of open global commerce was supposed to promote its liberalization. Instead the opposite has happened.
2018/01/10 | Kaamil Ahmed
Rohingya Refugee Camps Are Stripping Forests Bare
Bangladeshi forests are being decimated to feed the needs of an unfortunate refugee population.
2018/01/10 | Suzanne Pepper
OPINION: Hong Kong's Spirit of Protest Alive and Kicking in 2018
The reopening of Civic Square, a symbolic hub for Hong Kong's Occupy protests, served to galvanize protesters on the city's annual Jan. 1 protest march.
Trapped in Power: Thailand's Ruling Junta Can't Step Down
Actually competing an election is a risky choice for Prayuth Chan-ocha.