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2017/11/19 | Merriden Varrall
Fearing Beijing's Ire, the Australian Publishing Industry is Censoring Itself
It seems that China has not actually taken any action to influence this decision, but publishers are still playing it safe.
2017/11/18 | Michael Beltran
Post Mortem: The ASEAN Summit and Trump’s Visit to the Philippines
Michael Beltran argues that Duterte wants to validate his drug war amidst the criticisms and casualties; it sees continued subservience to American interests as the answer.
2017/11/18 | Emily Walz
China, Vietnam and the Mekong Problem
Sino-Vietnamese Relations revolve around the Lancang-Mekong River.
2017/11/17 | Ming-chun Ku
Behold the Sea Goddess: Matsu Worship, Tourism and Cross-Strait Relations
Long banned, worship of Matsu is making a comeback in China under official auspices.
2017/11/16 | Sher Singh Verick
Why Developing Nations Need Not Fear Automation
Policymakers should respect not fear the automation cliff and focus on improving the overall quality of employment.
2017/11/15 | Justin Catanoso
US Leads Coal-Gas-Nuke Panel at Climate Summit
The panel argued that fossil fuel production at high, subsidized levels is vital to 'energy security and economic development.'
Daring to Drone in Myanmar
There are many reasons to worry about the rights of journalists in Myanmar, but last week’s drone arrests are not among them.
2017/11/15 | Camely Arta
Indonesia Opens its First Modern and Contemporary Art Museum
Indonesia’s first museum dedicated to modern and contemporary art has opened its doors for public, giving art enthusiasts the chance to view the works of Indonesian and international artists.
2017/11/14 | Sam Lee
Hong Kong's Government Has a Strange Problem — Too Much Money
Hong Kong brought in a lot of money this year, but will they spend it wisely?
2017/11/14 | Matthew Fulco
Goodbye Confucius, Hello Matzu: Is Taiwan Becoming a Chinese-Language Education Hub?
Taiwan's political environment is making it more attractive for international students.
Trump's Asia Trip was Surprisingly Predictable
Donald Trump seems to be content with withdrawing his country from the Asia-Pacific security landscape — but withdrawing leaves a vacuum into which others will expand.
2017/11/14 | The Third Pole
Global Climate Summit Dominated by Budget Cuts, Red Tape
Many grants promised to countries to help combat climate change have been swapped out for loans.
2017/11/13 | Rongbin Han
New (and Not So New) Trends in China’s Online Censorship
The volume of online complaints on one major Internet forum has dropped significantly and dramatically since March 2013, when Xi took power. Through reducing negative information within Chinese cyberspace and blocking citizens’ access to information outside the Great Firewall, the party-state turns Chinese cyberspace increasingly into an intranet.