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2017/06/06 | Patrick Schroeder
From Laggard to Leader: China's New Role in Fighting Climate Change
If China implements a national carbon tax system, this would be the most important climate policy decision taken by any government so far, and would put China into a clear global leadership position on climate change.
2017/06/06 | Kei Koga
Does ASEAN Have Anything to Offer on the South China Sea?
It is now clear that ASEAN failed to forge a united political front against provocative actions in the South China Sea, and that the ASEAN chairman’s statement withdrew the concerns of earlier years in order to avoid provoking China, wrote Kei Koga.
2017/06/05 | Wu Dongping
Reliance on Foreign Tech Puts Strain on China’s Genetics Market
Despite being a global leader in DNA sequencing, the country’s dependence on overseas knowledge leaves it struggling to replicate others’ success.
2017/06/05 | Justin Hugo
Stark Reality: Singaporeans Waking from the Housing Dream
[OPINION] How Singapore's pension-housing financing model squeezes its citizens.
Shangri-La: Australia Warns Against 'Coercive' China; Mattis Tries to Reassure Allies
Among the speeches in Singapore Pentagon chief Jim Mattis moved to reassure Asian allies Saturday that the United States can work with China on reining in North Korea's nuclear weapons program.
2017/06/05 | Phil Robertson
OPINION: Aung San Suu Kyi, The World is Watching Your Treatment of Religious Freedom
The international community won’t accept inaction or excuses from the Aung San Suu Kyi-led government this time.
2017/06/05 | Peter Layton
Will China Win the Battle for Southeast Asia's Soul?
In the matter of China’s growing sphere of influence, there are no easy paths.
2017/06/05 | Ran Li
Can China Solve its Soaring Leverage Problem?
The root cause of rising leverage should be addressed through reform. China should adopt and strictly implement macro- and micro-prudential measures to prevent systemic risks
2017/06/05 | Eraldo S. Santos
BOOK REVIEW: 'The New York Riots of 1964 and The War on Crime'
Resonating with current discussions on racism and police brutality, this book will prove an inspiring read for those questioning the relationship between discourses of law and order and the reproduction of collective fear, writes Eraldo S. Santos.
2017/06/04 | Guy Aitchison
BOOK REVIEW: 'The Ethics and Politics of Immigration'
Alex Sager brings together contributors to examine debates within political philosophy and theory regarding the laws, policies, and practices governing immigration.
2017/06/03 | Cedric Alviani
China: Still World’s Biggest Prison for Journalists and Citizen-Journalists
China’s prisons currently hold more than 100 journalists, citizen-journalists and bloggers, including a Nobel peace laureate and three winners of the Reporters Without Borders (RSF)-TV5 Monde Press Freedom Prize.
2017/06/03 | Sharon Wu
BOOK REVIEW: 'The Trial of a Khmer Rouge Torturer'
In Man or Monster? The Trial of a Khmer Rouge Torturer, Alexander Laban Hinton examines the trial of Kaing Guek Eav, more commonly known as Duch, who oversaw the torture and execution of prisoners during the Khmer Rouge’s rule of Cambodia in the 1970s.
2017/06/03 | Michael Tatarski
Vietnam to Probe Massive Illegal Logging
Following a major undercover investigation by an environmental watchdog organization into illegal logging practices in Cambodia and Vietnam, the Vietnamese government says it plans to investigate.
2017/06/03 | Olivia Kember
Did Trump Actually Help the Climate Cause?
With this level of consensus, the biggest risk of a Trump withdrawal —  that it starts other countries down the same path — is unlikely to eventuate.
2017/06/02 | Saigoneer
'Girls Rock Asia' Brings Together Female Musicians from Across Southeast Asia
'It’s about every female musician who struggles about where to start or how to move on with their music career.'
Humans Need Not Apply: Taiwan Company at Forefront of Automation Age with 60,000 Robots Making iPhones
The world's largest contract electronics maker has five "lights-out" factories that are fully automated and require no onsite human presence.