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2017/06/10 | Oiwan Lam
China's Latest Book Ban: An Award-Winning Novel About the Deadly Consequences of Land Reform
The Chinese government has recently banned the sale of an award-winning novel about land reform in the Cultural Revolution era. However, a digital copy was circulated online and won readers’ applause.
2017/06/10 | Kimly Ngoun
Dissecting the Cambodian Election
Cambodia's 2017 commune elections don't point to a decisive result for either the ruling or the opposition parties in next years general election.
2017/06/09 | Saigoneer
Indonesia's 'Islamic Punk' Movement Marries Religious Faith with Musical Rebellion
'Islamic punk' is still embracing rebellion and anti-establishment ideology like the original British punk rockers, but they celebrate Islamic values, sing about freedom for Palestine and condemn mistreatment of Muslims in the Middle East.
2017/06/09 | Maxine Chen
Lizard DNA has Surprising Lessons for India's Grasslands
Unexpected diversity of a family of lizards in India implies that tropical grasslands are not human-made ecosystems as often argued.
2017/06/09 | Andrew Chubb
The Rise of Patriotic Tourism in the South China Sea
With their turquoise lagoons, white beaches, abundant marine life and remote mystique, the disputed islands of the South China Sea are a largely untapped tourism resource.
Is Australian Sovereignty at Risk amid Torrent of Chinese Investment?
Australian exposure to Chinese investment is in actual fact limited and that Australian government and authorities have not hesitated to act in cases where Chinese investment have raised national security concerns.
2017/06/08 | Li Zhiqing
As the U.S. Says ‘Non!’ to Paris, What Will China Do Next?
President Trump’s withdrawal from the landmark agreement gives China a chance to lead the fight against climate change — if it is ready to do so.
2017/06/08 | Nadège Rolland
Saying No to Beijing's US$1 Trillion Belt and Road Promise
BRI is not value-free. In the end, the choice that Western governments will make about whether to explicitly engage with Beijing on this initiative comes down to whether they still believe in the values they have upheld, and the order they have fought for, for the last 70 years.
2017/06/08 | ZiQing Low
Chinese Law Blog Claims Death Penalty Reform Success
Even international human rights NGOs have had to admit to the decline in the number of people sentenced to death in China, according to the blog.
2017/06/08 | Hwa Ryung Lee
Big Business Reform Set to Take Off Again in South Korea
South Korea’s newly elected President Moon Jae-in emphasized the importance of chaebol reform during his campaign
2017/06/07 | Chen Shanshan
Middle Eastern Migrants Live the Chinese Dream
Although China doesn’t have laws recognizing refugees, savvy businesspeople from Yemen, Syria, Iraq and Libya have found a new home in Yiwu.
2017/06/07 | James Laurenceson
The $5 Trillion Question: Is China Really a Threat to Maritime Trade?
China has become highly dependent on seaborne imports to meet its demand for energy, as well as basic industrial inputs such as iron ore.