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Will Africa Fit into China’s Belt and Road Plan?
Success depends on African nations providing adequate security to protect the investment environment.
2017/06/15 | Shixin Ivy Zhang
China's New Foreign Correspondents Go Into the Fray
Chinese foreign correspondents and war correspondents may be a major force and agents in China’s soft power public diplomacy. But being Chinese does not bring many benefits to practicing journalists.
2017/06/15 | Helen Ting
UMNO’s Hand in Malaysian Islamic Law
PAS leaders are now even envisioning forming a supermajority Muslim bloc to 'strengthen political Islam' in the upcoming general election, which is to be called before August 2018.
2017/06/14 | Isabel Esterman
Ending Puntung's Suffering: One of Malaysia’s Last Rhinos Euthanized
Puntung, one of three Sumatran rhinos known to survive in Malaysia, was diagnosed with terminal cancer.
2017/06/14 | Phil Robertson
OP-ED: Vietnam Stripping Blogger of Citizenship is Outrageous
The international community, especially aid donors to Vietnam, must tell Hanoi that this abuse cannot be allowed to stand, writes Phil Robertson.
2017/06/14 | Ben Hillman
Dangerous Games: China’s Ethnic Policies in Xinjiang
New naming regulations are designed to curtail 'religious fervor.' But the ruling also targets Uyghur nationalism, which is often conflated with Islamic extremism in China.
2017/06/13 | Zhu Qichao
How AI Will Kickstart a National Defense Revolution
Advances in technology present both new military threats and new opportunities for cooperation between China and the world.
2017/06/13 | TNL Staff
BREAKING: Panama Cuts Ties with Taiwan, Switches to Beijing
Panama is the latest of Taiwan's diplomatic allies to ditch it for Beijing.
2017/06/13 | Mong Palatino
'Black Isn't Beautiful' Ad Sparks Outrage in Malaysia
The 15-minute-long ad angered netizens and was quickly criticized it for promoting racism and sexism.
2017/06/12 | FORTUNE
Does Chinese Innovation Have a Dark Side?
China's tech giants are nimble innovators. But will private firms' gains in Big Data, artificial intelligence, face recognition and other technologies lead to tighter state control?
2017/06/12 | Qian Zhecheng
China Closes Popular WeChat Accounts
Netizens incensed as internet watchdog begins enforcing June update to country’s cybersecurity law.