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2016/05/04 | Malaysiakini

Add the Economic Value of Housewives in the Malaysia GDP

A state councilor has proposed the economic value of housework must be recognised to effectively enhance the status of women and promote gender equality.

2016/05/03 | TNL 編輯

Illegal Chinese Sand Mining Causing Massive Land Reduction in Kinmen

Massive construction projects in Xiamen have led to Chinese sand miners illegally extracting from Kinmen. These activities both reduce the size of the coastline and harm the ecological environment in Kinmen. Scientists believe that Kinmen may not be the only victim.

2016/05/01 | Michael Turton

Ma Ying-jeou's last little vicious gift to Beijing: roiling relations with Japan

Ma has spent the last couple of months trying to help Beijing by stirring up trouble in the South China Sea. This is a deliberate strategy...

2016/04/26 | TNL 編輯

Hundreds of Taiwanese Companies Fined for Exploiting Workers

A survey shows that hundreds of companies in Taiwan violated the Labor Standards Act last year. Media and finance companies and hospitals are all on the list.