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2016/08/05 | Malaysiakini

New Malaysian Political Party Promises to Reform System

A new party is being established to take on Malaysia's scandal-ridden political establishment.

2016/08/04 | Edward White

Turkey’s Crackdown Extends to Taipei

Turkey’s crackdown on alleged opponents of the Erdogan regime is being keenly felt in Taipei.

2016/08/04 | TNL Staff

ANALYSIS: Singapore’s New Justice Law has Far-Reaching Implications

A new bill, which will undergo a second reading on Aug. 15, could have a chilling effect on freedom of expression in Singapore and abroad.

2016/08/04 | Edward White

Thailand Referendum a ‘Vote at the Barrel of a Gun'

Politicians from around Southeast Asia have hit out at the constitutional referendum taking place in Thailand on Sunday.

2016/08/04 | John Colley

How Uber Crashed in China

Like Google and Amazon before it, Uber found that Chinese markets tend to be enormously competitive with very narrow margins.

2016/08/04 | Suzanne Pepper

ANALYSIS: Political Vetting in the Hong Kong Election

The principle of official political vetting has now been applied in Hong Kong over the issue of independence.

2016/08/03 | Sonny Lo

A New Era in Cross-Border Crime Between Hong Kong and China

Cross-border crime between Hong Kong and China has evolved beyond the traditional modes of human smuggling, drugs trafficking and kidnapping.

2016/08/03 | The Japan Times

OP-ED: Tough Road Ahead for Tokyo's First Female Governor

The first woman elected to serve as governor of Tokyo now faces her toughest task — putting her words into action.

2016/08/03 | Malaysiakini

Did Malaysia's PM Spend Public Money on Anti-Ageing, Renovations?

Despite repeated denials by the Malaysian prime minister that he has abused public funds for personal gain, fresh allegations have come to light that may further muddy the waters.

2016/08/02 | Edward White

Beijing Gains ‘Confession’, Guilty Plea from Human Rights Lawyers

Two key lawyers detained in Beijing’s massive crackdown on human rights activists last year may avoid more jail time after admitting guilt.

2016/08/02 | Hsu Chia-yu

Taiwanese Legislator Detained at Vietnam Airport

A Taiwanese legislator was held up by Vietnamese officials at Noi Bai International Airport in Hanoi for nine hours. She was on her way a Formosa Plastics plant that has been blamed for causing serious pollution. Is this a sign of jitters for Taiwan's pivot to Southeast Asia?

2016/08/02 | The Japan Times

OP-ED: Police Use of GPS to Track Suspects in Japan: Is It Legal?

Does the warrantless use of GPS devices violate a suspect’s privacy?

2016/08/02 | Malaysiakini

'Wolf of Wall Street' Future Profits Ring-Fenced Pending DOJ Malaysia-Linked Lawsuits

All future profits earned by production firm Red Granite from the blockbuster hit 'The Wolf of Wall Street' will be kept separate pending the outcome of the US Department of Justice's lawsuits to seize more than US$1 billion 1MDB-linked assets.

2016/08/01 | Edward White

OPINION: Is Hong Kong Heading Toward Umbrella 2.0?

Will the barring of candidates from Hong Kong’s upcoming elections or the sentencing of Umbrella Movement leaders spark a fresh round of major protests?

2016/08/01 | Olivia Yang

China Invites Taliban to Beijing for Five-Day Visit

Analysts believe that the Chinese government's involvement in Afghanistan is to strengthen China’s national security, especially in Xinjiang Province.

2016/08/01 | Yuan-ling Liang

Patriotic Taiwanese Fishermen Face Punishment Upon Return from Taiping

A group of patriotic Taiwanese fishermen who landed on the disputed Taiping Island a week ago returned to Taiwan today, only to learn they may be punished.

2016/08/01 | Chaitanya Mallapur

Indian Airlines Report 122 Drunk Pilots Over 3 years

As many as 110 pilots of 122 who were suspended for alcohol consumption before takeoff were first-time violators.