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2016/03/14 | TNL 編輯
The Taiwan Brain Behind AlphaGo: Aja Huang
On March 10, AlphaGo, designed by Google DeepMind, beat Lee Se-dol, a Korean professional Go player. While AlphaGo has stunned the world with its artificial intelligence, Aja Huang, born and raised in Taiwan, has been reported to make the most contribution to the design of the AI’s “brain.”
2016/03/10 | TNL香港編輯
Survey Shows 67% of Hong Kong Youth Support Taiwan’s Independence
A recent poll shows 35% Hongkongese surveyed support Taiwan’s independence, which is the highest record in the last 21 years. What’s more, up to 67% of young people in Hong Kong support Taiwan’s independence.
2016/03/10 | Jeffrey Tsai
Recap of the US Presidential Primaries: Trump and Clinton in the Lead, Sanders is the Dark Horse
·Trump is increasingly likely to become the Republican candidate for the 2016 Presidential election. ·Sanders has had a string of wins, capped with the upset at Michigan, that threatens Clinton’s current lead for the nomination race.
2016/03/09 | Jeffrey Tsai
China’s Military Expansion Into Africa
·China is expanding its military in light of national interests in the African region. ·This may signal China’s desire to increase international participation.
2016/03/08 | Jeffrey Tsai
International Scrutiny on Hong Kong’s Missing Five
China faces criticism from the United States and the United Kingdom on infringing freedom of the press and human rights. Taiwan remains silent on the issue except for an urging to adhere to freedom of the press and human rights. China fired back at the UK over its interference of its domestic affairs.
2016/03/07 | TNL 編輯
International Space Station Astronauts Return To Earth Breaking Records
·US astronaut Scott Kelly has set a new US space flight record of 340 consecutive days in space. ·The returned astronauts spent time conducting experiments intended for future manned missions to Mars.
2016/03/01 | Jeffrey Tsai
Hong Kong By-Election Results Show Rising Tide of Youth Discontent
·This election upheld the precarious status quo in Hong Kong’s legislative body. ·Edward Leung, arrested for his role in the Fishball Revolution, got 15% of the votes, demonstrating the rise of youth discontent influencing politics.
2016/02/23 | TNL 編輯
Chinese Government Sends Warning Letter To Taiwan-Supporting US Representative
On February 4, the Chinese government sent a letter to a US representative, who has been promoting interactions between Taiwan and the State of Mississippi, requesting him not to encourage official exchanges between Taiwan and the US.
2016/02/22 | TNL 編輯
Child Marriage Continues To Endanger Millions of Children
Despite widespread condemnation of child marriage, the practice persists around the world and about 37 thousand children are victims each day. Activists around the world are now finding different ways to tackle this pressing issue.
2016/02/18 | TNL 編輯
China Deploys Missiles On South China Sea Island
Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense said it has confirmed that surface-to-air missiles have been deployed by the Chinese military on Woody Island in the disputed South China Sea. While China considers its move to be appropriate and reasonable, the deployment has raised concerns in the region.
2016/02/18 | TNL 編輯
Filipino Boxing Star Pacquiao Apologizes for Homophobic Comments
Boxing star Manny Pacquiao recently openly denounced people in homosexual relationships to be "worse than animals.” Despite his apology later, Pacquiao has drawn an avalanche of criticism from the public, which can potentially hurt his prospects for a Senate seat.
2016/02/17 | TNL 編輯
South Korea Eyes US Missile Defense System And Stokes Fear In China
As North Korean missile threats expand, South Korea is pushing for deployment of a US high-altitude air defense system, Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD). The push, however, has stoked fear in China, which believes deployment of the system could help the US to expand its military power in the region.