Appointment of Ambassador Signals China’s Ambition in Afghanistan, Experts Say

Voice of America

Taliban Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaqi praised China for appointing a new ambassador to Afghanistan and urged other countries to follow suit.


The UN and the Multilateral System Are in Crisis – What the Global South Must Do

The Conversation

The absence of key leaders at the recent United Nations General Assembly highlights the crisis facing the UN and the multilateral system. The system, while imperfect, has worked reasonably well for seven decades in addressing global issues such as armed conflicts and climate change.


South Korea, Japan Aim To Stabilize China Relations Despite US Partnership

Voice of America

Analysts suggest that China is concerned about the closer alignment of Japan and South Korea with the US and Europe in reducing its access to cutting-edge technologies.


China’s Evergrande Shares Trading Halted in Hong Kong

Deutsche Welle

Trading in shares of Evergrande Group and its subsidiaries, Evergrande Property Services Group and Evergrande Electric Vehicle Group, was suspended in Hong Kong.

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Hanoi Faces Balancing Act With China as Vietnam-US Ties Tighten

Voice of America

The elevation of the U.S.-Vietnam relationship to a comprehensive partnership reflects shared concerns about China’s aggression in the region. However, analysts emphasize that Vietnam aims to maintain a balancing act between the two powers.

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US Bans 3 Chinese Manufacturers Over Suspicions They Used Forced Uyghur Labor

Voice of America

Three Chinese textile manufacturers have been banned from exporting their goods to the US, for using Uyghur and Turkic forced labor in their production lines.


China’s Contradictory Policies on Food Security

Antonio Graceffo

China's President Xi Jinping is focused on increasing food security by expanding agricultural land and domestic food production. China, a net food importer, has a larger population and less farmland compared to the United States.

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