UN Labor Agency: Global Unemployment to Rise by 2.3 Million in 2016

Anita Chow

The number of unemployed people is estimated to rise by 2.3 million in 2016 and 2.5 million in 2017, which is very likely to top 200 million for the first time ever. The trend will probably cause instability in societies and leave existing jobs vulnerable.

China AIIB

Is The Sovereignty Clause Influencing Taiwan's Attendance in AIIB?


Bank Group President of AIIB emphasizes the "sovereignty clause” in the AIIB Agreement, leading concerns to Taiwan’s official attendance in the investment bank.

South Korea - Anti North Korea Nuclear Test Protest

China Condemns North Korea's Bomb Testing as the U.S. Holds Strong

TNL 編輯

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un announced that it was an H-bomb to its citizens as a display of his leadership and also to bring the international spotlight to North Korea. Though there is lack of authenticity to the H-bomb, it has upset many governments and has called into question how North Korea should be contained.

螢幕快照 2016-01-07 上午9.21.43

Peggy Kuo, First Taiwan Born U.S. Judge

Eric Tsai

Peggy Kuo is now the first Taiwan-born judge in the United States. She joins other Taiwanese American judges, such as CA Supreme Court Justice Goodwin Liu, in the U.S. judicial system.


Thai Government To Take Care of Children of Illegal Migrants

Human Rights Watch reported in September, 2014 that there are thousands of migrants and refugee teenagers detained in police lock-up or immigration facilities in Thailand because of their identity. Every year, hundreds of teenagers are detained indefinitely by the Thai government, which deteriorates the children and teenagers’ growth and development.

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