South Korea Seeks To Join Efforts to Counter China’s Economic Coercion

Voice of America

China engaged in 123 cases of economic coercion worldwide between February 2010 and March 2022, according to a think tank.


Explaining China’s Central Asia Pivot

The Interpreter

Beijing’s ambition with its western neighbors is more about heading off U.S. influence than a quest to dominate.


Phihong Technology Selected to Support Shell Groups Global EV Charging Expansion

Phihong Technology, a global supplier of power products and EV charging stations, has been selected by Shell, one of the world's largest oil and gas companies, to support their continued expansion into the global EV charging market.


Philippines Health Officials Try To Build Trust in Routine Vaccines

Voice of America

The Philippines is ranked in the top five globally for the highest number of zero-dose children. There are many kids who are only partially vaccinated for diseases that require multiple shots including measles.


China’s Appropriation of Comfort Women Activism

East Asia Forum

Chinese authorities saw a chance to appropriate the narrative around comfort women for their own ends, showing no interest in stimulating critical reflection on the continuing abuse of women in contemporary East Asia.


New Southbound Policy: The Role of the Yushan Forum

Yushan Forum fills a critical gap in generating fresh foreign policy ideas and implementing the same, and thereby serves as a strategic platform to get a wholesome perspective from the New Southbound Policy countries.


Human Rights Watch Demands Probe Into Killing of Prominent Laotian Activist in Thailand

Voice of America

Bounsuan was a former member of the Free Laos group involved in several protests in front of the Lao embassy in Bangkok demanding respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms.


Malaysian Authorities Seize Rainbow Swatch Watches

Deutsche Welle

Homosexuality is illegal in Malaysia and many LGBT events and symbols are suppressed.


An assessment from TAEF: Five Years of the New Southbound Policy

Taiwan’s New Southbound Policy is more than an economy-oriented strategy and shapes Taiwan’s Asia policy. TAEF suggests that the government is supposed to enhance its internal and external communications for making the policy more comprehensive and effective.


Thailand Opposition Signs Coalition Agreement, Pledges To Restore Democracy

Voice of America

In a joint MOU, coalition leaders vow to draft a new constitution, pass a marriage equality act, and reform the police, military, and the justice process.

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