Japan-South Korea Trade Dispute Stems From Bitter Historical Grievances

The Interpreter

In the midst of the Japan-South Korea trade war, unresolved dispute from Japan's colonial past has resurfaced.


Can Hong Kong Leverage Its Special Trade Status Against China?


Hong Kong's special trading status with the U.S. serves as a bridge between China and the rest of the world. Will China lose Hong Kong's status to the ongoing protests?


55 Philippine Indigenous Schools Suspended for Alleged Rebel Activities

Michael Beltran

The philippine government has suspended 55 indigenous schools, accusing them of teaching the children to rebel against authorities.


Australia to Examine Press Freedom After Police Raids on Journalists

The Interpreter

The Australian government is reviewing press freedom protection after the police raided a journalist's home and a newsroom in June.


Trump Suggests Beijing to 'Humanely' Resolve Hong Kong Issues


Donald Trump suggested to have a "personal meeting" with Xi Jinping to discuss how to resolve issues in Hong Kong.


Hong Kong Airport Adopts Measures to Restrict Future Protests


After a night of clashes at the Hong Kong airport, the court and the airport authority have issued measures to restrict future protests.


'Brownface' Backlash Reveals Systematic Racism in Singapore

The Interpreter

Racism is a recurring discussion in Singapore and state-owned companies have done little to reflect on their mistakes.

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