OPINION: China's Foreign NGO Law Presents a Non-profit Opportunity for Taiwan

Jessica Batke

Now is the time for Taiwan to get serious if it wants to attract international NGOs displaced by China's Foreign NGO Law.


PHOTO ESSAY: A Journey Along India's Assam-Nagaland Insurgent Border

The 400-km-plus border in northeast India, site of periodic eruptions of conflict, also bears witness to friendship, family and hope.


OPINION: US Gunboat Diplomacy in Taiwan Strait Does Nothing for Taipei

New Bloom

It would be a mistake to take the US decision to sail destroyers through the Taiwan Strait as an indication of support for Taiwan.


Rescued Thai Boys Contemplate the Monastic Life

The Conversation

Some of the 12 schoolboys rescued from a cave in Thailand are considering becoming monks. For them, this may be a way of showing gratitude to their rescuers.


ANALYSIS: Royal Navy Set Fair for Heightened Indo-Pacific Operations

The Interpreter

The British Royal Navy is keen to demonstrate it remains a global power despite significant budget constraints.

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