UPDATE: Indonesia Earthquake Death Toll Rises to 98, Over 200 Injured


A 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck the Indonesian tourist island of Lombok and was felt throughout neighboring Bali. Rescuers continue to search for survivors, and authorities warn the death toll could climb further.


ANALYSIS: Kazakhstan's Grand Entrance onto the World Stage

The Interpreter

President Nursultan Nazarbayev has assertively courted Chinese and American alliances while shaking off decades of Russian influence.


OPINION: Democracy Bites the Dust in Cambodia but Glimmers of Hope Remain

Sophal Ear

Last weekend's ballot was an insult to Cambodians but claims of total victory leave the world in little doubt as to their course of action.


Week in Focus: China Axes Taiwan Games, China's Vaccine Scandal

Kuan Chen

A weekly roundup of the region's most important news.


CAMBODIA: Campaigning to Keep Voters' Fingers Clean Ahead of Dirty Elections

Global Voices

Supports of the dissolved opposition party are urging voters to boycott Sunday's general election.


Modernizing Malaysia: The Blessings and Stresses of an Infrastructure Explosion


Malaysia is undertaking a breakneck building spree that is lifting its economy while placing its environment and politics under pressure.


PHOTO STORY: Glimpsing Singapore Through Skyscrapers

Garima Garg

Exploring Singapore's delicate dance between modernity and tradition through selected snapshots of its soaring skyscrapers.

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