Legislature Occupation in Hong Kong Prompts Sunflower Comparison

New Bloom

Hong Kong protestors stormed the legislature, drawing similarities to Sunflower Movement.


【LIVE UPDATES】Hong Kong Protestors Dispersed After Storming the Legislature

Daphne K. Lee

Thousands of protestors stormed Hong Kong's legislature on July 1.


Not so Strong Man: Duterte Buckles Under Chinese Pressure Amid Maritime Row

Michael Beltran

Officials in the Philippines initially came on strong demanding China be sanctioned for an incident at Recto Bank, while Duterte kept his lips sealed. Days later Duterte finally dismissed the whole thing as 'a little maritime accident' and the administration fell in line, much to the ire of citizens. But — asks Michael Beltran — who is pulling whose strings here?


Rap for the Machine: How the CCP Co-Opted Chinese Rap

Taiwan Insight

Chinese Rap artists, such as CD Rev, are aligning their songs with the views of the CCP in terms of their Taiwan and Xinjiang narratives in return for access to the tools that will bring their groups wild success within the PRC.


"My Hope Has Been Reignited" – Hong Kong's Youth Reflect on Protests

William Yang

Following weeks of record-breaking turnouts at anti-extradition bill protests in Hong Kong, one protest ended with thousands of protesters throwing eggs at the police headquarters while drawing graffiti on the walls as the government continued to ignore their demands. William Yang was on the ground in Hong Kong speaking to protesters as 2 million took to the streets.


Is 2019 the Breakthrough Year for U.S.-Taiwan Relations?

Milo Hsieh

After forty years of the Taiwan Relations Act, as both parties are presented with an increasingly aggressive China, Milo Hsieh argues it's time for a new chapter in relations between the U.S. and Taiwan.


What Do the Rebels Have to Say About the Philippine Mid-Term Elections?

Michael Beltran

While administration-backed candidates dominate the senate and the Duterte- aligned parties have gained seats in the lower house the rebels reject the elections as being largely useless to change a 'tyrannical regime'.

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