Hong Kong Triads Have Replaced the Police as Law Enforcement

New Bloom

The Hong Kong police have outsourced its law enforcement duties to pro-Beijing triads, leaving public safety at risk.


Family Threatened With Eviction to Protest at Duterte's Annual National Address

Michael Beltran

Poverty does not stop protesters from expressing their anger against President Rodrigo Duterte.


​​OPINION: Taiwan Needs to Keep Up With the Libra Bandwagon

Hsin Hsiao

Facebook is on the cusp of launching its cryptocurrency Libra, and Taiwan should prepare for it.


Connecting With Cities Through Urban Sketching


Louis Barnard no longer takes photos to share with his family, opting instead to share intimate urban sketches to document Vietnamese culture.


How Did China Manipulate the Media Narrative in the Hong Kong Protests?

The Conversation

China creates its worldview with intricate layers of propaganda at different levels, with different tactics.


India's Ongoing Water Crisis Impacts 600 Million People

The Interpreter

Indian cities are forced to truck in drinking water, farms are failing, and the situation grows more desperate.

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