Who Won the US-China Trade War? Vietnam


Vietnam emerges as a winner as the United States and China are butting heads against each other.


Beijing Condemns Protester Violence While Praising Hong Kong Police and Government

Daphne K. Lee

Beijing strongly condemns protester violence in Hong Kong and stresses the priority to restore peace in the city.


Hongkongers Use Creative Excuses to Evade Protest Ban in Yuen Long


Police have declined Saturday's protest request in Yuen Long, but protesters came up with different excuses to justify the assembly.


Puerto Rico Governor Resigns After Two Weeks of Protests

Global Voices

Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rosselló resigns under the pressure of massive protests.


Despite Denials, China's Treatment of Uyghurs is Cultural Genocide

The Conversation

China says it is helping the Uyghurs, but its actions meet the threshold of cultural genocide.


Internet Censorship is Part of South Korea’s Democracy Package

Raphael Tsavkko Garcia

Democracy does not automatically lead to the absence of censorship. South Korea, for example, is tightening its internet freedom and censoring "harmful" content.


Why Does the U.S. Sentence People to 400 Years in Prison?

The Conversation

What's the point in giving out prison sentences of 400+ years if no one can live that long?

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