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Kashmir: Independence Activists Draw Inspiration From German Reunification

Deutsche Welle

Calls for a free Kashmir are becoming louder on both sides of the divided region. Can the German reunification model be applied to the India- and Pakistan-ruled Kashmir? And what can Kashmiris learn from it?


How Can the UK Promote ‘Safe Migration’ for the Vietnamese Community?

The Conversation

The U.K. has such a big appeal for the Vietnamese that many are willing to risk their lives on a perilous journey. But has the U.K. done anything to resolve the migrant problem?


Notepad++ and GitHub Are the Latest Victims of Chinese Internet Trolls

Daniel Kao

GitHub, a generally apolitical platform for developers to discuss and collaborate on engineering projects, has fallen victim to Chinese internet trolls due to a Notepad++ update named "Free Uyghur."


Banning Huawei Is Not the Best Solution for Global Cybersecurity

East Asia Forum

Some countries have banned Huawei due to its cyber intrusion risk, but is it the only way to protect personal data and critical information infrastructure?


Hong Kong's Pro-Democracy Activist Joshua Wong Barred From Election

Deutsche Welle

The Hong Kong Electoral Affairs Commission said Joshua Wong's nomination was found to be "invalid." The 23-year-old activist said he was the only candidate who was barred from running.


Hong Kong Bans Online Posting of Police Personal Details

Deutsche Welle

The city's highest court has banned the publication of police-officer-related information and photographs without their consent. The move comes at the end of Hong Kong's fifth consecutive month of pro-democracy protests.


China Urges Quick Identification of UK Truck Victims

Deutsche Welle

British police said they are undertaking the country's largest murder probe since 2005 to determine the identities and cause of death of 39 bodies believed to be Chinese migrants who were discovered in a truck.

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