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Hong Kong Police Shoot Man During Morning Protests

Deutsche Welle

Chaos erupted in Hong Kong when security forces cracked down on an early morning protest. Footage showed a police officer shooting a protester at close range. The man is now in critical condition.


China Keeps Quiet About the Amazon Crisis Despite Its Leverage Over Brazil


The Brazilian president met with the Chinese leader last week on trade, but China remained silent on the Amazon fires, deforestation, and other environmental issues.


What Does 'Blockchain With Chinese Characteristics' Mean?

The Interpreter

Cryptocurrency made a comeback after Chinese President Xi Jinping called for blockchain technology development. What would blockchain even look like in a heavily monitored society?


Sieren's China: Learning From the Mistakes in Hong Kong

Deutsche Welle

Beijing, wanting to learn from the mistakes made in Hong Kong, intends to develop more affordable public housing in Shenzhen. But this will not be a fix-all solution in the long term.


Pro-Beijing Lawmaker Junius Ho Stabbed in Hong Kong

Deutsche Welle

A lawmaker known for his heated arguments with pro-democracy protesters has been injured by an unknown assailant. Footage showed the perpetrator brandishing a large knife and thrusting it at the lawmaker's chest.


Indonesia Should Stop Fearing Chinese Workers


Indonesia’s growing anti-Chinese sentiment is mostly based on bias and disinformation, which will end up being unproductive to the country’s economic progress.


Hong Kong's Special Status Should Remain Unchanged Beyond 2047

The Interpreter

Hong Kong and China would both benefit from more clarity on what the city's status will be after 2047.

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