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Why Protesters Around the World Are Wearing the Same Masks

The Conversation

Protesters around the world are wearing the Joker and Guy Fawkes face masks. A face mask technically doesn't offer any physical protection, then why do protesters favor wearing masks?


Hong Kong Unlikely to Regain Confidence in Its Economic Outlook

East Asia Forum

Hong Kong's economy has been slipping even before the protests, and with the failing "one country, two systems," the city's future as an international hub is looking even grimmer.


Hong Kong Police Raid University After All-Night Siege

Deutsche Welle

After a two-day standoff, police have stormed into a major university campus as protesters fought back with gasoline bombs and bows and arrows. Fires can be seen raging inside and outside the school.


Uncovering the Unofficial Taiwan-Indonesia Relations


A brief overview of how Taiwan and Indonesia have maintained a friendly relationship over the past three decades.


Hong Kong on 'Brink of Total Breakdown'

Deutsche Welle

Protests are continuing in Hong Kong after a night of violence. Authorities are targeting security at university campuses, where many of the clashes with protesters took place.


How Will Foreign Workers Reshape Japanese Politics?

East Asia Forum

Japan's new law that allows for the entry of non-skilled foreign workers will help with the aging local economy, but it has also become a heated debate for the Japanese politicians.


OPINION: Solution to Kashmir Conflict Lies in East Timor


The UN should look to resolve the Kashmir dispute b reviewing the example of East Timor's independence movement.

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