Multiple Hong Kong Activists Attacked and Arrested Within Two Days


Hong Kong activists Joshua Wong and Agnes Chow were arrested today, facing possible charges. A few other protest organizers were attacked in various locations in the past 30 hours.


International Day of the Disappeared: CCP Is the Worst Offender of the Year

Dinah Gardner

On the International Day of the Disappeared, China is seen as the worst perpetrator of state-sanctioned enforced disappearances this year.


Canada Deports a Tiananmen Activist With Mental Health Problems


Canada has deported Chinese dissident Yang Wei on the grounds that his violent tendencies would threaten public safety.


OPINION: Brazil's Sovereignty Depends on a Healthy Amazon


A healthy and productive Amazon actually underpins Brazil’s sovereignty by strengthening food, water, and energy security, while supporting good relations with its neighbors.


In the Silenced Kashmir, Dissidents Are Protesting With Artful Expressions

Mehk Chakraborty

Artists, poets, visual journalists are expressing their dissent and preserving Kashmir through various forms of artistic expression.


OPINION: The Rise of Eccentric Third Parties in Taiwan and UK

David Evans

In both the U.K. and Taiwan, a third force is disrupting the longtime two-party political balance.


3 Things We Learned From the 936 Banned Chinese Twitter Accounts

TNL Staff

Twitter recently removed 936 China-linked accounts in a disinformation crackdown — let's take a look at how the internet army behaves.

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