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2018/04/19 | The Conversation
Could the US Really Re-enter the TPP?
The American president has spun around twice on the issue in the past two weeks.
2018/04/18 | Jules Quartly
OPINION: China Not to Blame for US Opioid Epidemic
Blaming China for America’s opioid crisis is a convenient but ultimately misguided attempt to avoid taking responsibility.
Bangladesh Looks to Saudi Arabia to Fight Islamic Militancy
Bangladesh is the first to ask Saudi Arabia for help pushing back forms of Islam perpetrated by the Saudis themselves.
2018/04/16 | David Green
Giving Taiwan the Digital Face It Deserves
Taiwan lets itself down when it comes to broadcasting its merits and opportunities online.
2018/04/16 | The Conversation
The Lowdown on Trump-Kim and North Korea's End Game
North Korea is orchestrating a multinational merry-go-round amid fears it is merely playing for time.
2018/04/16 | James Baron
End of the Road: Will Taiwan Pick Up Britain's Tab in Guatemala?
As Guatemala goes to the polls over a border dispute with Belize, Taiwan's economic diplomacy with one of its few remaining diplomatic allies comes into question.
2018/04/14 | Morley J Weston
REVIEW: 'Like We Don't Exist' Casts a Light on One of Myanmar's Lesser-Known Ongoing Tragedies
A short film highlights the plight of the Karenni people and their liminal existence on the Thai-Myanmar border.
2018/04/13 | The Interpreter
Big Surprise: Chinese State Media Fawned Over the Boao Forum
The image of China as respected and admired by the rest of the world is a critical element of China’s internal propaganda efforts.
2018/04/12 | Sumit Kumar
OPINION: Nepal Prime Minister's Visit Leaves Modi and India Cold
India and Nepal have a trust deficit that is pushing Kathmandu closer to Beijing.
2018/04/11 | China Brief
How China Controls the Trade War Message
The US-China trade war is destined to become a domestic public relations victory for the PRC.