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2020/07/11 | TNL Staff
Singapore’s Ruling Party Wins Crisis Election, But Opposition Gains
Singapore’s ruling People’s Action Party wins the general election again, continuing its uninterrupted streak. But it was also a massive victory for the opposition Worker's Party, which may hold over 10 percent of the parliament seats for the first time.
2020/07/10 | TNL Staff
Taiwan Film Festival in Australia Is Happening Now
Taiwan Film Festival in Australia is bringing 19 sensational titles to viewers who will be able to enjoy a taste of Taiwanese cinema from the comforts of their home.
2020/07/10 | Deutsche Welle
South Korea: Seoul Mayor Park Won-Soon Found Dead After Going Missing
Seoul police have said that they found Mayor Park Won-soon's body near the location where he had last used his cell phone. A frantic night-time search had been launched after his daughter reported him missing.
2020/07/09 | Voice of America
Myanmar Military Kills Civilians in Indiscriminate Attacks, Amnesty Says
Amnesty International reported that the Myanmar military has indiscriminately bombed civilians, including children in March and April.
2020/07/08 | Li Kua-teng
6 Ways Hong Kong’s National Security Law Contradicts Its Current Legal System
The national security law contradicts Hong Kong's de facto constitution and strips judges of their power of interpretation.
2020/07/07 | Voice of America
Taiwan-China Diplomatic Competition Comes to Somaliland
Taiwan’s diplomatic agreement with Somaliland, a self-governing territory, is seen as a symbolic victory.
2020/07/06 | Deutsche Welle
Japan's 'Most Powerful' Woman Wins Second Term as Tokyo Governor
Tipped to be the first female prime minister of Japan, Yuriko Koike has been re-elected for a second term as governor of Tokyo. The former defense minister has been praised for the capital's response to the pandemic.
2020/07/03 | TNL Staff
Taiwan to Resume Operations at Guam Office
Taiwan's Economic and Cultural Affairs Office had suspended operations in Guam in August 2017 due to budget concerns. The move comes as Taiwan-U.S. relations are seen to be on the upswing.
2020/07/03 | Deutsche Welle
Electronic Waste: When Billions in Gold, Other Precious Materials Are Discarded
Record levels of e-waste were produced globally in 2019, weighing the same as 350 mega cruise ships, a UN report shows. The surge in global e-waste is not only a major environmental risk but also a health hazard.
2020/07/02 | East Asia Forum
Covid-19 Is Accelerating China’s Economic Self-Reliance
Reliance on domestic consumption is just one of the shifts accelerated by the coronavirus and the increasing rivalry with the United States.
2020/07/02 | The Conversation
Persistent Extreme Heat and Air Pollution Threaten Global Health
The frequency of days with both extreme heat and pollution – and the number of people that will be affected by those days – could massively increase by 2050.
2020/07/01 | Daphne K. Lee
Hong Kong’s National Security Law May Endanger Foreign Nationals
Beijing has granted itself extraterritorial power with Hong Kong's draconian national security law, which may endanger foreign nationals who offer any form of assistance to Hongkongers.
2020/06/30 | Deutsche Welle
US Begins Revoking Hong Kong's Special Status Over Row With China
The U.S. has announced it will halt defense exports to Hong Kong, the first step in undoing the territory's special status. The move comes in response to new visa restrictions out of China.
2020/06/29 | Op-Ed
OPINION: Germany Must Stop Appeasing China
Germany must live up to its claims of moral superiority in its dealings with China.