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2017/02/20 | The Japan Times
Tokyo Olympics Pose Challenge for Japanese Farmers
Time is running out for Japanese farmers to obtain the Global GAP certificate in order to serve their products at the Tokyo Olympics 2020.
2017/02/20 | ZiQing Low
Taiwan Same-Sex Marriage Supporters and Opponents Agree to Talks
LGBT rights activists worry that amendments to the Civil Code will be further delayed despite the discussions.
2017/02/20 | Alexander Bukh
Can Russia Win Friends and Influence People in Southeast Asia?
Studies show positive perceptions of Russia among young educated elites in Southeast Asia.
2017/02/19 | Tim Henry
A Thai Oil Firm, Indonesian Seaweed Farmers And Australian Regulators: What Happened after the Montara Oil Spill?
Eight years after the blowout, legal action against the Thai company responsible is ramping up, even as the true extent of the damage caused remains a mystery.
2017/02/18 | Cara Giaimo
The Little-Known Passport that Protected 450,000 Refugees
Between 1922 and 1938, the 'Nansen Passport' allowed stateless people to make a new life.
2017/02/18 | The Japan Times
A Growing Silence in Russia for Opposition Voices
A Russian court last week convicted Alexei Navalny, the face of the opposition movement in the country, on charges of embezzlement.
Migrant Food-Delivery Workers Struggle to Belong in Beijing
Changes to Beijing’s household registration system aim for greater inclusiveness, but some service-industry workers remain vulnerable.
2017/02/17 | Mo Tz-pin
North Korean Assassination Sends Waves Around the World
What does the death of Kim Jong-un’s big brother mean to North Korea, China and the US?
2017/02/17 | Pippa Morgan
The Truth Behind China’s Aid Ambitions in Africa
Contrary to popular belief, the country’s investments do not prop up pariah regimes.
2017/02/17 | Poppy McPherson
Chainsaw Injuries in Myanmar Tied to Illegal Logging
Despite Myanmar’s nationwide commercial logging ban in 2016, illegal loggers continue to find work cutting down trees with chain saws, imported largely from China and often obtained illegally and used without training or protective gear, according to a months-long investigation by Mongabay.
2017/02/17 | Sourabh Gupta
Alternative Facts and the Threat in the South China Sea
China and the claimant states have made valuable progress in bilateral ties since the 2016 ASEAN Foreign Ministers Meeting in Laos. The Trump administration should support — not disturb — this progress, argues Sourabh Gupta.
2017/02/16 | Stellina Chen
ILLUSTRATION: Trump — Paper Tiger or Not?
A paper tiger is a person who appears threatening, but is ineffectual. Does Trump fit the bill?
2017/02/16 | Kazuhiko Togo
‘Comfort Women’ After the Fall of Korean President Park Geun-hye
The demise of Park Geun-hye’s presidency since October 2016 due to the ‘Choi Soon-sil affair’ is an astonishing development in South Korean politics. Many Korea-friendly Japanese have watched it with a sense of concern, hoping that the South Korean people would find a way to overcome their present difficulties and come back to Northeast Asian politics with invigorated energy.
2017/02/15 | Chris Horton
APEC: Taiwan’s Most Important International Forum
Given the current cross-Strait climate, Taiwan’s role in APEC is arguably more important than ever, writes Chris Horton.
2017/02/15 | Allan Gyngell
Managing 'Trumpworld'
Australia is still trying to figure out how to deal with the new US administration.
2017/02/15 | Jong Kun Choi
North Korea: Time for New Engagement
Engagement such as humanitarian assistance and cultural exchanges could be the way for South Korea to approach the denuclearization of North Korea, and could restore confidence and trust on both sides.
2017/02/15 | Lavanya Garg
India: 5 Percent of Women have Sole Control over Choosing Husband
A woman’s power to make decisions is greatly influenced by the role of social norms in India, though it may differ between regions there has been little improvement since the Indian Human Development Survey conducted 12 years ago.
2017/02/14 | The Japan Times
A Good Start for Abe and Trump?
The two leaders two leaders emphasized that they remain fully committed to strengthening the economic relationships, despite earlier criticism by Trump on trading with Japan.