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2017/01/20 | TNL Staff
Trending this Week
The biggest stories from Taiwan and around Asia this week.
2017/01/20 | TNL Staff
Taiwanese Believe They Are a Bargaining Chip for President Trump: Poll
While the Taiwanese were excited by the Trump-Tsai phone call, a survey has found most believe the island-nation is just a bargaining chip for the new U.S. president.
2017/01/19 | Matthew Blitz
Where Wax US Presidents Go to Retire
In Gettysburg, it’s the end of an era for the Hall of Presidents and First Ladies Museum.
2017/01/19 | The Japan Times
Global Charity Oxfam New Report Alarms Wealth Concentration
Oxfam reckons that eight individuals — Bill Gates, Amancio Ortega (founder of Inditex, a fashion group), Warren Buffett, Carlos Slim, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Ellison and Michael Bloomberg — own the same amount of wealth as the 3.6 billion people who make up the poorest half of humanity.
2017/01/19 | Olivia Yang
Why Aren't Social Businesses Booming in Taiwan?
'I’ve seen many Taiwanese social businesses trying very hard and are doing a good job, but the international community doesn’t see their efforts.'
Chinese Tech Workers Blame Trump for Job Cuts
Oracle employees say company wants to "please Trump" and move positions back to the U.S.
2017/01/18 | The Japan Times
Abe must Make an Effort in Easing Asia-Pacific Tensions
The Abe administration should approach both Washington and Beijing in an effort to help ease mutual tensions and work for stability in the Asia-Pacific region.
2017/01/18 | Bernt Berger
OPINION: Tapei and Beijing Should Tell the US to Back Off
' Taipei submitting to demands for nationalist self-determination at home will result in greater dependency and shifts of the U.S.'s One-China policy.'
2017/01/18 | Anqi Shen
China's Growing Fake Wine Market
With the increasing popularity of high-end foreign wine consumption, the fake wine market is also a booming business in China.
2017/01/18 | Dmitry Filippov
Japan's Perilous Russian Rapprochement
Abe should not lose sight of the perils of a charm offensive with Moscow, especially in the wake of the Donald Trump victory, argues Dmitry Flippov.
2017/01/17 | The Japan Times
New Technology to Assist Elderly Drivers in Japan
The development of safety mechanisms to assist elderly motorists may not have to be as high-tech as self-driving vehicles running on the latest AI technology. There is a lot that the automakers can do to help reduce accidents involving senior citizens.
2017/01/17 | Eric Grundhauser
The Voder, the First Machine to Create Human Speech
Electronic voices may be commonplace now, but the road to speech synthesis is littered with the remains of devices that promised to bring us the voice of the future — but didn’t last beyond their novelty value.
2017/01/17 | Mark Caltonhill
The Hunt for Chou Doufu and other Taiwanese Food in London
After spending two decades in Taiwan, three years ago TOPICS contributor Mark Caltonhill returned to live in the UK. Within weeks, he was missing “three-cups” slow cooking, kongxin cai (空心菜), and perhaps most of all, stinky tofu (臭豆腐). Here is his report.
2017/01/17 | Zhou Hongcheng
Why UNESCO Should Turn its Nose Up at Chinese Food
Attempts to list big-selling cuisine as intangible cultural heritage risk killing off culinary diversity.
2017/01/17 | Kevin McCauley
Analysis: China’s Critical Western Theater Command
The WTC is the largest theater and has complex terrain including desert and high mountains, long borders, and challenging social conditions. Theater missions include supporting the People’s Armed Police Force maintaining internal stability in the restive Tibet and Xinjiang regions.
2017/01/17 | Peter Layton
Let's Face It, China's Military Now Dominates ASEAN
With its new air bases and leading-edge air power, China now has the strategic initiative in South East Asia, writes Peter Layton.
2017/01/16 | The Japan Times
Japan Should Join U.N. Nuclear Arms Ban Talks
Japan has the duty to take part and play a meaningful role in the negotiations as a nation that knows firsthand what are the consequences of a nuclear attack.
2017/01/16 | Johan van de Ven
Why China Is Wooing Southeast Asia’s New Strongman
Improved government relations with fiery Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte are key to securing dominance in the South China Sea.