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2017/11/23 | Jeongseok Lee
Cooler Heads Prevail in SK-China Missile Defense Spat
With the THAAD issue largely settled, politics on the Korean peninsula just got a little less complicated.
2017/11/23 | MuYi
The Migrant's Hometown
A Taiwanese and an Indonesian family reconnect in the Javanese countryside.
2017/11/23 | Tao Lixing
China is Coming Close to Hitting 'Peak Bicycle'
China's bike sharing industry seems to be going off a financial cliff as costs spiral out of control.
2017/11/22 | Singfat Chu
Is the 'Zero Car Growth' Policy Uniquely Singaporean?
While cities across Asia are struggling to cope with rising car ownership, Singapore has quietly capped its automotive growth.
2017/11/21 | Morley J Weston
Can Taiwan be an American Gateway to Southeast Asia? The US Hopes So
Even as the US turns away from globalization, the Small Business Administration is trying to ramp up trade with Taiwan and Southeast Asia
2017/11/21 | Olga Krasnyak
Russia is Vying for Power in the South Pacific
Those engaged in Pacific affairs should seek to understand what kind of strings Russia might be tying in the region, and what consequences might follow.
2017/11/20 | Jomo JS
For Malaysia, the Dream of TPP is Turning into a Nightmare
Jomo JS argues that the original Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement Agreement had little to offer Malaysia — but the absence of the US makes the agreement nonsensical.
2017/11/20 | Mariah Thornton
Tsai Opts for Soft Power in the New Southbound Policy
Tsai’s ‘New Southbound Policy’ has increasingly prioritized strengthening cultural and other non-economic links with Southeast Asian nations.
2017/11/19 | Merriden Varrall
Fearing Beijing's Ire, the Australian Publishing Industry is Censoring Itself
It seems that China has not actually taken any action to influence this decision, but publishers are still playing it safe.
2017/11/18 | Michael Beltran
Post Mortem: The ASEAN Summit and Trump’s Visit to the Philippines
Michael Beltran argues that Duterte wants to validate his drug war amidst the criticisms and casualties; it sees continued subservience to American interests as the answer.
2017/11/18 | Emily Walz
China, Vietnam and the Mekong Problem
Sino-Vietnamese Relations revolve around the Lancang-Mekong River.
2017/11/17 | Ming-chun Ku
Behold the Sea Goddess: Matsu Worship, Tourism and Cross-Strait Relations
Long banned, worship of Matsu is making a comeback in China under official auspices.