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2018/02/18 | Andy Yee

OPINION: The US and China Can Avoid a Technological Standoff

The technological duopoly has already arrived, but does it have to be a fight to the death?

2018/02/14 | Ryan Terribilini

OPINION: High-Tech Taiwan Must Truly Digitize Its Government

Taiwan could do more to roll out the carpet for internet businesses, a move that would improve the country's economic and political situation.

2018/02/09 | Isaac Stone Fish

China to Clamp Down on VPNs, Reinforce Great Firewall

China's internet censorship is about to get a little bit heavier.

2018/02/04 | TNL Staff

Week in Focus: Loyalty and Technology

The UK government loses loyalty points in Hong Kong as technology extends its reach into daily life.

2018/01/30 | Brendan Thomas-Noone

Asia's Nuclear Powers Switch Focus to New Missile Technologies

As the arm races keep escalating in Asia, maintaining strategic stability in 2018 will only become more difficult.

2018/01/22 | David Green

Why Even Digital Publishers Should 'Like' Facebook’s News Feed Change

Changes to Facebook's news feed will likely benefit users, advertisers and maybe even journalism.

2018/01/17 | GlobalVoices 全球之聲

Macau Reviews Cybersecurity Law with an Eye toward Mass Surveillance

Macau is developing a new law that could give unrestrained power to the police.

2018/01/12 | Aim Singpeng

Fake News Haunts Indonesia's Growing Online Communities

A lack of faith in mainstream media and the failure to maintain democratic institutions is breeding fake news that tells you what to feel as well as what to think.

2018/01/09 | Elsa Kania

Artificial Intelligence Will Shape the US-China Relationship

For the time being, the US can attract top talent from around the world, a key advantage over China.

2017/12/29 | Timothy Ferry

Internet of Things Infrastructure Advances in Taiwan

Sigfox's rollout of low power wide area network infrastructure heralds a new phase in the development of Taiwan's IOT ecosystem.

2017/12/27 | Timothy Ferry

State-run Chunghwa Struggles With Taiwan's Surging Data Use

Taiwan's internet is fast and cheap — but that's a problem for its telecoms players.

2017/12/26 | Philip Liu

Autonomous Cars Make Headway in Taipei

Late-night buses are already being tested in Taiwan's capital.

2017/12/19 | Zhang Liping

Beijing Allows Autonomous Cars to Hit the Road

In recent years, China has made a clear top-down push to develop the autonomous vehicle industry.