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2018/05/09 | Jeremy Firster
Block Guardian: An Open Letter to Taiwan's Crypto Community
Block Guardian is a bi-weekly column from The News Lens and Blockcamp offering news and insight on crypto and token economics from Taiwan.
Why Is Rain-Soaked Taiwan Running Out of Water?
Desalination plants are being planned in a country that gets more than 160 rainy days per year.
2018/04/30 | AsiaGlobal Online
OPINION: Reasons to Be Wary of Chinese Influence in African Telecoms
While China has taken a largely hands-off approach to the export of communications infrastructure in Africa, it favors state-owned actors in the markets it serves.
2018/04/24 | Justin Hugo
Cambridge Analytica – The Singapore Connections
SCL Group, the parent company of Cambridge Analytica, and other related companies and individuals have several connections with Singapore.
Taiwan Struggles amid Impending Electricity Shortage
Politically inconvenient choices define the search for more power as AC units switch on for the summer and Taiwan's renewable push struggles to make headway.
2018/04/23 | Policy Forum
OPINION: Smart Cities Risk Becoming the 'Next Populist Scapegoat'
Resistance to futuristic urban concepts could be viewed as obstinate refusal to cope with change, or as a way to maintain humanity in the face of forces larger than ourselves.
2018/04/03 | TIME
FEATURE: China's Bicycle Apocalypse Is Here
China's failed bike sharing programs have left a wave of rusted steel across the country.
2018/04/02 | David Green
Taiwan Shapes Self-regulating Future for Crypto and Blockchain at BlockCity
The door remains open for Taiwan to be a global player in cryptocurrency and blockchain but wider public support may be needed if policymakers are to be convinced.
2018/03/31 |
Electric Scooter Maker Gogoro Turns to AI, Smart Grids
Gogoro's new offerings are about new ways of charging, not about the electric scooters themselves.
2018/03/30 | Morley J Weston
China’s VPN Ban Takes Effect but Cat-and-Mouse Game Continues
This is not the first volley fired against virtual private networks, but stricter enforcement means that data leaving China is about to become less secure.