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2016/05/03 | TNL 編輯
Taiwan Discovers New Drug to Stop Breast Cancer Spreading
Taiwan’s Academia Sinica has discovered a new material that can reduce the possibility of cancer cells spreading, lowering the risk of death after a tumor has been removed.
2016/04/29 | Edward White
Taiwan Startups Need to Break the Shackles of Confucius
Taiwanese entrepreneurs and investors must break from Confucian tradition if the island is to take the mantle as the Silicon Valley of Asia.
2016/04/08 | TNL 編輯
Taiwanese Researcher Finds Solutions to Offensive LOL Gaming Experience
League of Legends, a popular online game, is also known for its players being hostile to newcomers and players that perform poorly. To improve this, Riot Games, the parent company of League of Legends, founded a research team to analyze the data from its players, trying to figure out solutions to reduce players’ offensive behavior in games.
2016/03/24 | TNL 編輯
[UPDATE] Apple Pay’s Destiny In Taiwan Remains Uncertain
People using Apple products have been expecting the introduction of Apple Pay in Taiwan; however, the implementation is still pending due to several obstacles.
2016/03/21 | TNL 編輯
Taiwan Startup Ambidio Revolutionizing Audio Technology
Ambidio, a new cognitive audio technology startup founded by four Taiwanese, has developed a technology that can enhance the audio performance of just two speakers into that of a complete surround sound system. The company has garnered funding and support from multiple prominent international investors and the music and sound industry, including, Horizons Ventures, and Skywalker Sound.
2016/03/17 | TNL 編輯
First OpenStack Hackathon Coming Up In Taiwan
OpenStack, the world’s biggest online cloud drive company, is holding its first hackathon in New Taipei City due to Taiwan abundance of engineers and industrial support.
2016/03/14 | TNL 編輯
The Taiwan Brain Behind AlphaGo: Aja Huang
On March 10, AlphaGo, designed by Google DeepMind, beat Lee Se-dol, a Korean professional Go player. While AlphaGo has stunned the world with its artificial intelligence, Aja Huang, born and raised in Taiwan, has been reported to make the most contribution to the design of the AI’s “brain.”
2016/03/10 | TNL 編輯
Google Managing Director Says Mobile Marketing is Critical for Taiwan Businesses
The penetration rate of smartphones in Taiwan has reached up to 78%, ranking among the top ten in the world and top five in Asia. This shows that Taiwan has a mature environment for mobile marketing and offers many opportunities to Taiwan’s small and medium enterprises. A growing trend of Internet of Things (IoT) also poses as a new frontier for new start-ups and businesses.
2016/03/07 | TNL 編輯
International Space Station Astronauts Return To Earth Breaking Records
·US astronaut Scott Kelly has set a new US space flight record of 340 consecutive days in space. ·The returned astronauts spent time conducting experiments intended for future manned missions to Mars.
2016/02/25 | TNL 編輯
New Surveillance Technology Applied To Enhance Urban Transportation Safety
An intelligent surveillance system is planned to be applied to urban transportation in Taiwan, which may reduce risks of anti-social actions.
2016/02/17 | TNL 編輯
Research Shows 92% College Students Prefer Physical Books Over E-Readers
While the number of people using smartphones and other portable devices users is growing rapidly, recent surveys show that e-reader users have been increasing rather slowly; in some cases, it has even been declining.