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2016/06/27 | Matthew Fulco
Taiwan’s Cancer Incidence Steadily Rises
The incidence of cancer is rising in Taiwan as the population rapidly ages.
2016/06/23 | Yuan-ling Liang
Taiwanese Hackers Come to the Rescue of Languishing Fish Stocks
Taiwanese hacking skills are helping to preserve global fish stocks.
2016/06/22 | Bing-sheng Lee
China Takes Internet Censorship to New Level
China intends to 'foster a healthy, positive Internet culture' by purging comments by its nearly 700 million Internet users.
2016/06/21 | Yuan-ling Liang
Financial Regulator's Angel Fund Plan Draws Heat
Should Taiwan’s stock market regulator take profits from listed companies and banks to fund startups?
2016/06/20 | Edward White
Are Offshore Wind Farms the Answer to Taiwan’s Energy Woes?
Offshore wind has the potential to drive Taiwan’s shift from nuclear and fossil fuels. However, it is unlikely to be a panacea for a carbon-intensive, resource-poor energy system.
2016/06/17 | Chang Shin-wei
Taiwanese Engineer Rocks the Labor Market
A Taiwanese engineer has created a Google extension to allow job seekers and employees to comment directly on job websites, including Taiwan’s popular 104 and 1111 sites. The software has been widely praised and will soon be available on Firefox.
2016/06/03 | J. Michael Cole
China Has ‘Abysmal’ Internet Speed Performance; How Does Taiwan Measure Up?
Although there is room for improvement, Taiwan fares rather well in adoption rates, as well as average and peak Internet speeds.
2016/06/02 | Yuan-ling Liang
VoiceTube Shows How to Win a Facebook App Award
Taiwanese English-learning app VoiceTube has picked up an award from Facebook. The key to its success was promoting customer engagement and listening to its users.
2016/06/01 | Edward White
Taiwan: Crowdfund Heaven
Crowdfunding is taking off in Taiwan, and the co-founder of the country’s biggest platform says that as long as it's not illegal, anything is 'worth a shot.'
2016/05/31 | Edward White
Chasing Unicorns in Taiwan
One of the world’s top tech investors has two pieces of advice for Taiwanese startups: chase global consumer markets and work as hard as Kobe Bryant.