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2017/01/03 | Yuan-ling Liang
Startup Rethinking Bicycles in Taiwan
Ten questions with the co-founder of College Bikes.
2016/12/29 | Yuan-ling Liang
Startup Tapping a Beauty Product Goldmine from Taipei
Ten questions with the founder of a startup tapping into the world of Asian beauty product reviews.
2016/12/29 | Wang Lianzhang
E-Commerce Seller Sabotages Competition in China, Receives Jail Sentence
First prison conviction in China for an e-commerce merchant found guilty of deceptive sales tactics.
2016/12/27 | Timothy Ferry
Tesla Arrives in Taiwan (Finally)
Though car sales have just started, the company has been sourcing from Taiwan for some time.
2016/12/23 | The Japan Times
Review the Failure of Japan's Monju Project
The Japanese government should conduct a thorough examination of why the Monju project ended in failure and hold open discussion on whether the nuclear fuel cycle is still a feasible option for the country.
2016/12/21 | Jessica C. Teets
How Xi Jinping’s Leadership Discourages Local Innovation
Xi's anti-corruption crackdown is reducing corruption, but it is also restricting crucial forms of local discretion such as policy experimentation.
2016/12/19 | Wang Lianzhang
Companies, Investors Pouring into China’s Bike-Sharing Market
Forever, one of Shanghai’s oldest bicycle brands, is among the many companies to have entered the fray.
2016/12/16 | Jeffrey Hutton
The iPhone or the App: Why Indonesia Risks Being Nudged out of the Tech Game
It’s not the iPhones Indonesia should make it’s the apps on the phones, writes Jeffrey Hutton.
2016/12/14 | TNL Staff
'Black Swan' Author Exposes Chinese Censorship over Taiwan in US
Most Taiwanese commenting on the issue via social media appear to support the author’s efforts.
2016/12/13 | August Rick
All Aboard the Panda Express, China’s Latest Transit Innovation
Some cities express interest in monorail train project, but net users are not impressed by its slow top speed.
2016/12/11 | Teck Chi Wong
Malaysia’s Digital Economy: Can Entrepreneurship Be Unleashed?
Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak is courting some of the biggest Chinese tech companies in a bid to foster the country’s digital economy, but his own administration’s culture of corruption might prove too much of a drag on innovation, Teck Chi Wong writes.
2016/12/09 | Matthew Fulco
Taiwan’s Continuing Uber Controversy
The company’s Taiwan business is still growing despite being in regulatory limbo and facing mounting opposition from lawmakers and the taxi industry.
2016/12/07 | James Baron
On the Cards: Taiwan's Dating App Scam of Choice
'I'm Mi-Mi, 21 years old, 166 cm, 47 kg, 36-24-34, a student but moonlighting. I offer a bathing and massage service and compensated dating. 3,000 for 90 minutes, 7,000 for an overnight stay. Want to make an appointment?'
Hackers Hit India's Congress as Cyber Crime Escalates
As Congress Twitter accounts are hacked, cyber crime in India is up 26 times in a decade.
2016/12/07 | Kyodo News
Virtual Reality to Help Boost Japanese Public Understanding of Dementia
About 1,000 people have attended its events since the project was launched in March.
Ponzi or Pioneering : The Future of Fintech in China
Public sentiment towards internet finance has moved the full gamut from fever pitch to fear.