TSMC Makes 'World's Largest' Corporate Green Power Purchase Agreement

Abby Huang

TSMC will purchase the entire productive capacity of two wind farms off the coast of Changhua, Taiwan. According to Ørsted, the agreement is the largest of its kind in the world.


Zoom Temporarily Suspends Account After Hosting Tiananmen Square Event

Voice of America

Humanitarian China, an organization focused on providing relief for political prisoners and activists, had its Zoom account shut down. "It seems possible Zoom acted on pressure from the CCP," the organization said in a statement.


Phihong launches a 280W GaN Charger suitable for gaming laptop

Phihong Technology has launched new 280W GaN high power adapter designed for gaming laptops, which combines the best circuit design and manufacturing process, and can fully bring the user unprecedented miniaturization, light weight, and still provide the full standard user experience.


Philippine Activists: ‘Cloned’ Facebook Account Attacks Possibly Linked to Government

Michael Beltran

The Philippine government’s efforts to stifle dissent took an absurd twist when thousands of university students, faculty, and journalists woke up on Sunday to find cloned Facebook profiles of themselves.


The Trouble With TikTok's Global Rise

Xiaochen Su

Downloads of the Chinese video-sharing app TikTok have surged during Covid-19. The app's weak record on privacy and security should be a cause for concern.


Social Media Platforms Can Do More to Tamp Down Coronavirus Misinformation

The Conversation

Social media companies have tried to limit coronavirus misinformation, but they can do more.


Taiwan's Digital Response to Covid-19: Impressive, But Is Privacy Respected?

Roy Ngerng

Taiwan has made advances in tech and deployed big data in the fight against COVID-19. But can privacy be protected?


GARAOTUS partners up with intel and Advantech to provide genomics solutions by AI-HPC technologies is a silver lining in post-pandemic era

Advancements in genomics are opening new doors for understanding human diseases and are increasingly informing innovative precision treatment plans. However, genomics sequencing generates hundreds of petabytes of data per year. Researchers and scientists require tools to analyze these enormous volumes of data in a timely manner to gain insights into disease and possible treatments. GARAOTUS provide the AI-HPC technologies to accelerate genomics workflows. Performance gains include a 75 percent speedup for the BWA performance.


Coronavirus Technology Carries Troubling Side Effects for Privacy, Press Freedom 

Voice of America

Global emergency measures and tools to tackle COVID-19 outbreak risk privacy, free expression rights, international bodies warn.

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