State-run Chunghwa Struggles With Taiwan's Surging Data Use

Timothy Ferry

Taiwan's internet is fast and cheap — but that's a problem for its telecoms players.


Autonomous Cars Make Headway in Taipei

Philip Liu

Late-night buses are already being tested in Taiwan's capital.


Beijing Allows Autonomous Cars to Hit the Road

Zhang Liping

In recent years, China has made a clear top-down push to develop the autonomous vehicle industry.


Public Outcry over Voyeuristic Livestream Cameras in China

Chen Na

Diners and gym goers notched up thousands of views thanks to secret live streaming of Qihoo 360 cameras.


Does Shenzhen Dream of a Techno-utopia?

Michael Keane

The Chinese Communist Party has worked hard to convince a 'born digital generation' that they represent the future rejuvenation of China while hindering the flow of foreign ideas.


Social Media has Become a Powerful Tool to Undermine Democracy

Damien Spry

Social media has transformed from a pro-democracy beacon to a powerful tool for meddling in elections.


Shopping, Sleeping, and Not Driving Drunk: Taipei Startups to Watch Out For

Cat Thomas

We look at four emerging companies from this year's MeetTaipei startup festival that are on track to profitability.

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