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The Climate Doesn’t Care Who Builds Batteries

East Asia Forum

The global trade in green technologies and critical minerals are being shaped by geopolitical considerations rather than market forces, leading to a resurgence of inward-looking industrial policies.


LinkedIn Shuts Down InCareer, Its App for China

Voice of America

Seven years after entering China, the US-based LinkedIn shut down its China-focused job application, marking the exit of the last Western social media network to cease running in China.

330W 圖2.png

New 330W Gaming Laptop Power Supply by Phihong Technology - a lighter GaN charger for a better gaming experience!

This year, Phihong has just released an impressive gaming laptop power supply with a capacity of 330W.


A Booming Market: Taiwan Podcast Trends Report 2023

TNL Research

The latest survey conducted by Engagement Lab looks into the vast market potential of podcasts for advertisers, businesses, and program creators.


Content Flow Across the Great Firewall on WeChat

East Asia Forum

The use of WeChat reflects the Chinese “circle culture” on social media — people tend to congregate in like-minded groups.


Phihong and Vinpower join hands to seize the fast-charging market opportunity with GaN technology at Computex 2023

This year, Phihong will unveil the 330W GaN gaming laptop power supply at COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2023.


How AI Could Take Over Elections – And Undermine Democracy

The Conversation

As AI technology continues to advance, concerns over its potential manipulation of political behavior are raised. This article explores the possibility of a political campaign machine called Clogger that uses AI to manipulate individuals’ behavior and change their voting decisions.


Let’s Stop Calling Taiwan a “Digital Democracy” (And Start Telling Better Digital Stories)

Sam Robbins

If we focus only on the tech itself and its impressive uses, we risk leaving most citizens feeling like they have no voice in the matter.


Smart City Expo's Asia Silicon Valley Pavilion Invites You to Create a Sustainable Future through Digital Innovation

TAIPEI, April 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- The 2023 Smart City Summit & Expo (SCSE), Asia's largest smart city tradeshow, was held at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 2, from March 28-31. To showcase the achievements of Asia Silicon Valley Development Plan 2.0 (ASVDP 2.0), the Asia Silicon Valley Development Agency (ASVDA) set up the Asia Silicon Valley Theme Pavilion at the event at which it displayed a wide range of smart city solutions covering smart healthcare, smart agriculture, smart energy, and 5G AIoT. The goal is to drive economic growth through innovation and entrepreneurship, advance industrial transformation through the application of IoT, and demonstrate Taiwan's strong capabilities in developing smart city applications.


Data Analytics Vital for Understanding Asian Video Streaming Market

TNL Research

Overview of Taiwan’s VOD market in 2021 Q3, YouTube continues to be the leading platform, reaching approximately 15 million viewers per month. The audience profile of online video is about half male and half female, and more than half are over 45 years old.

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