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2020/09/11 | Voice of America
Apple Announces ‘Human Rights Policy’ Following Criticism
The tech giant’s policy prohibits harassment and abuse and specifies a 60-hour maximum workweek, as well as at least one day off per week.
2020/08/20 | Abby Huang
Taiwan to Ban Local Distribution of Chinese Streaming Services
Taiwan is planning to ban Chinese streaming services from partnering with local distributors starting on September 3.
2019/12/04 | 廣編企劃
Five Things You Should Know About “Motorbike Electrification” with the Advent of the New Motorbike Era
Taiwan, known as the “kingdom of motorbikes,” not only has a mature motorbike supply chain, but also is an important ICT industry export nation. However, the government resorted to “the coexistence and co-prosperity of gasoline & electric powered vehicles”. What are the blind spots of such a practice?
2020/08/10 | Daphne K. Lee
Tech Talent Platform CakeResume Raises $900,000 In Seed Funding
CakeResume, a Taiwanese start-up, has raised US$900,000 in seed funding for its goal of building a tech talent pool spanning across Asia.
2020/08/05 | Deutsche Welle
Would TikTok Make Microsoft a Serious Threat to Facebook?
Microsoft's potential acquisition of TikTok might turn the U.S. company into an important player in the social media sector. How much of a threat could it be to the likes of Facebook and Google?
2020/07/15 | Voice of America
Britain's Huawei Ban Resets Relations With China
British officials are bracing for a fierce reaction from Beijing following London's decision to block Chinese tech giant from playing any role in development of Britain’s 5G phone network.
2020/07/09 | Abby Huang
TSMC Makes 'World's Largest' Corporate Green Power Purchase Agreement
TSMC will purchase the entire productive capacity of two wind farms off the coast of Changhua, Taiwan. According to Ørsted, the agreement is the largest of its kind in the world.
2020/06/12 | Voice of America
Zoom Temporarily Suspends Account After Hosting Tiananmen Square Event
Humanitarian China, an organization focused on providing relief for political prisoners and activists, had its Zoom account shut down. "It seems possible Zoom acted on pressure from the CCP," the organization said in a statement.
2020/06/10 | Michael Beltran
Philippine Activists: ‘Cloned’ Facebook Account Attacks Possibly Linked to Government
The Philippine government’s efforts to stifle dissent took an absurd twist when thousands of university students, faculty, and journalists woke up on Sunday to find cloned Facebook profiles of themselves.
2020/05/08 | Xiaochen Su
The Trouble With TikTok's Global Rise
Downloads of the Chinese video-sharing app TikTok have surged during Covid-19. The app's weak record on privacy and security should be a cause for concern.
2020/04/03 | The Conversation
Social Media Platforms Can Do More to Tamp Down Coronavirus Misinformation
Social media companies have tried to limit coronavirus misinformation, but they can do more.
2020/03/27 | Roy Ngerng
Taiwan's Digital Response to Covid-19: Impressive, But Is Privacy Respected?
Taiwan has made advances in tech and deployed big data in the fight against COVID-19. But can privacy be protected?
2020/03/23 | Voice of America
Coronavirus Technology Carries Troubling Side Effects for Privacy, Press Freedom 
Global emergency measures and tools to tackle COVID-19 outbreak risk privacy, free expression rights, international bodies warn.
2020/03/13 | Xiaochen Su
Will Taiwanese Cuisine Sustain Its Popularity in Japan?
Taiwanese cuisine is slowly capturing the hearts of foodies around the world, including Japan's.
2020/03/12 | Daniel Kao
What Coronavirus Reveals About Our Digital Way of Life in 2020
Despite technological advances, we are not smarter now than we were during the 2003 SARS epidemic.
Audrey Tang Praised for Coronavirus Prevention Tactics
Japanese netizens are captivated by Audrey Tang, Taiwan's digital minister, and her open data approach to sharing local information on the coronavirus outbreak.
Taiwan’s Craft Beer Industry in Search of a Local Identity
Taiwan's burgeoning craft beer scene has come a long way since independent brewing was legalized in 2002. However, the breweries have wildly different ideas about using local ingredients and what makes a Taiwanese craft beer Taiwanese.
2019/10/30 | East Asia Forum
Banning Huawei Is Not the Best Solution for Global Cybersecurity
Some countries have banned Huawei due to its cyber intrusion risk, but is it the only way to protect personal data and critical information infrastructure?
2019/08/08 | David Evans
OPINION: Taiwan Should Treat Huawei as a National Security Threat
Huawei's low-cost economic benefits are no longer sufficient for Taiwan to overlook the security risks it poses.