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2017/01/18 | Ryan Jones
One Foot in the Real World, the Other in a Virtual One
The Taiwan Virtual Reality Meetup in Taipei is an experiential social gathering of foreign residents and Taiwanese who share an interest in interactive and immersive technologies.
2017/01/18 | Han Le
How Weibo Reflects China’s National Pride and Shame
Posts on the popular microblogging site offer a confused picture of how users want others to perceive their country.
2017/01/17 | The Japan Times
New Technology to Assist Elderly Drivers in Japan
The development of safety mechanisms to assist elderly motorists may not have to be as high-tech as self-driving vehicles running on the latest AI technology. There is a lot that the automakers can do to help reduce accidents involving senior citizens.
2017/01/17 | Eric Grundhauser
The Voder, the First Machine to Create Human Speech
Electronic voices may be commonplace now, but the road to speech synthesis is littered with the remains of devices that promised to bring us the voice of the future — but didn’t last beyond their novelty value.
2017/01/12 | Yuan-ling Liang
Taiwan's Van Wilder Startup
Ten questions with the chief executive of a new dating and meet-up app.
2017/01/11 | Edward White
Are Apps in Asia Killing the Planet?
'Without key policy changes, the rapid growth of the internet in East Asia will likely be powered by coal and other dirty sources of electricity,' Greenpeace says.
2017/01/07 | Yuan-ling Liang
The App Students in Taiwan Can't Live Without
Ten questions with a co-founder of a Taiwan startup tapping into the nation's university market.
2017/01/05 | Edward White
Chinese Bloggers Who Exposed Thousands of Protests Remain in Detention, No Trial
Two Chinese bloggers who detailed thousands of public protests await formal charges six months after being detained. There have also been reports of torture.
2017/01/05 | Mo Tz-pin
Trending in Taiwan Today
The biggest stories from around Taiwan today.
2017/01/04 | Yuan-ling Liang
CHOCOLABS, a Taiwan Startup Success Story
Ten questions with the co-founder of Taiwan's successful app developer CHOCOLABS.
2017/01/03 | Yuan-ling Liang
Startup Rethinking Bicycles in Taiwan
Ten questions with the co-founder of College Bikes.
2016/12/29 | Yuan-ling Liang
Startup Tapping a Beauty Product Goldmine from Taipei
Ten questions with the founder of a startup tapping into the world of Asian beauty product reviews.
2016/12/29 | Wang Lianzhang
E-Commerce Seller Sabotages Competition in China, Receives Jail Sentence
First prison conviction in China for an e-commerce merchant found guilty of deceptive sales tactics.
2016/12/28 | Yuan-ling Liang
Taiwan Startup Breaking from Confucius Tradition to Build the Future of Education
Ten questions with the founder of Taiwan education technology company Hahow.
2016/12/27 | Timothy Ferry
Tesla Arrives in Taiwan (Finally)
Though car sales have just started, the company has been sourcing from Taiwan for some time.
2016/12/23 | The Japan Times
Review the Failure of Japan's Monju Project
The Japanese government should conduct a thorough examination of why the Monju project ended in failure and hold open discussion on whether the nuclear fuel cycle is still a feasible option for the country.
2016/12/21 | Jessica C. Teets
How Xi Jinping’s Leadership Discourages Local Innovation
Xi's anti-corruption crackdown is reducing corruption, but it is also restricting crucial forms of local discretion such as policy experimentation.
2016/12/19 | Wang Lianzhang
Companies, Investors Pouring into China’s Bike-Sharing Market
Forever, one of Shanghai’s oldest bicycle brands, is among the many companies to have entered the fray.