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2018/06/14 | Michael Beltran
A Gospel for the Barrios: The Philippines' Unshakable Sister Patricia Fox
The Australian nun's story of state-led persecution at the hands of the president himself throws into sharp relief what it means to be a missionary and a Filipino.
2018/06/08 | Ralph Jennings
Stray Dogs Hound Taiwan after Euthanasia Ban Takes Effect
Well intentioned legislation is leading to an increase in stray and abandoned dogs.
2018/06/04 | The Conversation
Urbanization, the Escalator Dilemma and Big Data
Cities might be better off if people stood still on longer climbs, one study finds.
2018/05/30 | The Conversation
INDONESIA: Fighting Radicalism in Islamic Schools
Recent attacks on Java highlight the importance of the power of education as a moderating force.
2018/05/29 | Nick Aspinwall
How Taiwan’s Seafood Sector Can Steer Toward Ethical Labor Standards
Simple measures can make a world of difference to the lives of thousands of workers aboard Taiwan's deep-sea fishing fleet.
2018/05/25 | Global Voices
Japan's Hot Springs Open Up to LGBT Community
A pioneering project is bringing a community together to make the hot spring experience pleasurable for everyone.
2018/05/24 | Nick Aspinwall
Welcome to Taiwan: Beatings, Bodies Dumped at Sea and a Culture of Maritime Abuse
Amid the release of a Greenpeace report chronicling cases of physical abuse and financial exploitation of migrant workers in Taiwan’s fishing industry, The News Lens reveals the commonplace practice of dumping bodies of deceased migrant fishermen at sea.