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2017/07/24 | Phil Robertson
OPINION: Vietnam's Growing Online Community is Under Threat
Foreign donors should make it clear to Hanoi that closer relations depend on Vietnam tolerating its critics, rather than sending them to prison, says Phil Robertson.
2017/07/23 | Renaud Egreteau
The Emergence of Pork Barrel Politics in Myanmar
Concerns over the waste of public money, corruption, and the entrenchment of political clientelism in Burma.
2017/07/22 | Saigoneer
Is Over-Tourism Threatening Vietnam's Sapa?
Today, the burst of hotel construction and mass-market tourist attractions remains a safe distance from her own village but, as Sapa's development continues, there's no guarantee that the pull of mass tourism won't one day reach her home.
Taiwan Temples Incensed: Online Rumor of Incense Burning Ban Sparks Protest
Temples have accepted a 'one burner, one incense stick' proposal to help protect the environment, and have agreed to burn ghost money collectively in an incinerator.
2017/07/20 | FORTUNE
How North Korea Could Start a War With America Right Now
As frightening as ICBMs sound, Pyongyang already possesses all the weapons it needs to draw America into a war. The question is whether the US and its allies will continue to strengthen the tools required to deter such a conflict.
2017/07/20 | Fengshi Wu
Bumpy Road Ahead: Living with China's New NGO Laws
The full implementation and revision of the new law will take time, and the process will not be smooth, writes Fengshi Wu.
No Space for Democracy: Political Dissidence in Colonial and Contemporary Hong Kong
'Beijing may well demand that Britain refrains from interference now that China exercises control of the territory. Ultimately, Britain was equally firm in resisting Chinese intervention at the height of the Cold War.'
2017/07/19 | Qing Yan
The Gay Bars of Shanghai: Here and Queer for 20 Years
The city’s ever more diverse LGBT establishments are the testament to the perseverance of China’s gay community.
2017/07/19 | Michael Beltran
Filipino Film Makes Class Division Relevant Again
'The politics of identity suppose that minorities bear the brunt of social exclusion, which is true in many cases. But there is always an underlying class element.'
The North Korean Celebrity Who 'Went Home'
South Korea is probing the case of a North Korean celebrity who 'returned home.'
2017/07/19 | Elaine Pearson
Australia's Silence on Liu Xiaobo is Shameful
'As Liu lay dying in the hospital, there was a shameful silence from Australia’s leaders on Liu’s case. Canada, France, Germany, Taiwan, and the U.S. all called on the Chinese authorities to free Liu and allow him and his wife to travel abroad for medical treatment. Australia made so no such call.'
2017/07/18 | Camely Arta
Indonesia's House of Grace Gives a New Lease on Life to Young Women
House of Grace cooperates with another non-profit Bandungwangi, which has been reaching out to vulnerable girls and traffic and sexual violence.
2017/07/18 | Zhong Changqian
iPhone Workers Become Legendary Warriors in China's Internet Cafes
Neighborhood gaming centers give apathetic and aimless factory workers a portal to another life.