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2018/01/15 | Nick Aspinwall
Homelessness, Debt, Lost Memories: Hongmaogang's Cautionary Tale
The people of Hongmaogang have faced numerous challenges since their village was relocated in 2007. Now, residents work to keep their homeland's spirit alive - and warn their threatened neighbors in Dalinpu of what lies ahead.
2018/01/15 | Du Peipei
China Is Trialing a Market-based Approach to Dealing with Illegal Structures
A pioneering community in Nanjing is trialing a market-based approach to rezoning public spaces.
OPINION: Taiwan Should Abandon the Illusion of the 7-Day Week
Protests against Taiwan's labor law amendments are wide off the mark — Taiwan needs to fundamentally rethink its calendar.
2018/01/12 | Aim Singpeng
Fake News Haunts Indonesia's Growing Online Communities
A lack of faith in mainstream media and the failure to maintain democratic institutions is breeding fake news that tells you what to feel as well as what to think.
2018/01/12 | Pan Suiming
Here's the Skinny on China's Porn Consumption
Young women are narrowing the gap with their male counterparts when it comes to consuming porn in China.
2018/01/12 | Swagata Yadavar
India's Health System Is Unprepared for an Emerging Sexual Revolution
Support services for India's sexually active, unmarried adolescents are virtually non-existent.
2018/01/12 | Sandee Woodside
Behind Taipei’s Safe Spaces for Women
Sandee Woodside delves into sources of support for women in Taiwan.
2018/01/09 | Brian Hioe
Migrant Workers March for Better Conditions
Taiwan's migrant worker population is demanding greater say in policy that affects their lives in Taiwan and an end to the broker system.
OPINION: The World Has Much to Learn from Singapore
Singapore will have to navigate uncharted waters of an increasingly turbulent and uncertain world.
2018/01/01 | William Yang
PHOTO STORY: The Decline of Taipei's Shaoxing Community
A unique piece of Taipei is preserved forever through the lens before being buried forever.
2017/12/31 | Shi Fulong
As a Lawyer, the 'Fake Divorces' I Have Handled
Temporary separations allow wealthy couples to sink more money into the urban property market.
2017/12/29 | William Yang
PHOTO STORY: Tainan's Architecture is Something Special
Tainan's focus on preserving its traditional Taiwanese architecture is a beacon of hope in an ocean of soulless modernity.
INTERVIEW: Peter Nguyen Van Hung on Migrant Brides and Workers’ Rights
Laws surrounding migrant workers have changed, but there is still much to be done before Taiwan's migrant laborers can live with dignity.