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2017/01/08 | Charlotte Setijadi

Religious Freedom on Trial in Indonesia

For a country that has claimed to be a tolerant and moderate Muslim-majority democracy, the Ahok blasphemy allegation signals a regression in religious freedom and the rights of minorities.

2017/01/08 | John Picton

Book Review: Charity Sucks by Iqbal Wahhab

Are charities best placed to solve social problems and deliver welfare or might business do it better?

2017/01/07 | ZiQing Low

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The biggest stories from around Taiwan today.

2017/01/06 | Dong Heng

Anxi Party Official Addresses Telecom Scams, Blames Taiwan

County criticized for rampant fraud after the death of hoax victim points finger at China’s fast growth and its island neighbor.

2017/01/05 | Edward White

Chinese Bloggers Who Exposed Thousands of Protests Remain in Detention, No Trial

Two Chinese bloggers who detailed thousands of public protests await formal charges six months after being detained. There have also been reports of torture.

2017/01/05 | Olivia Yang

Taiwan Media at War over South Korea Comparison

'If this is the level of a newspaper’s editorial team, then it’s enough to make one embarrassed about the quality of Taiwanese media. What right do we have to flatter ourselves to be influential and have ‘international perspectives?' writes South Korea-based Taiwanese journalist Yang Chien-hao.

2017/01/05 | Fan Yiying

When You Are Old, Chinese, and Gay

Gay, lesbian, and bisexual retirees in China are seeking companionship and acceptance in old age, but some are finding it harder than others.

2017/01/04 | Sascha Richter

PHOTO STORY: The City of Widows

Mothers – Widows Of Vrindavan: Many of India's widows come to the holy city of Vrindavan in order to devote themselves to Lord Krishna and find salvation (moksha) and peace.

2017/01/04 | The Japan Times

Democracy Under Siege in 2017?

Democrats the world over must be alert to growing strains in their societies, and those of friends and allies. They must prepare to fight for tolerance, respect for the rule of law and the values that have defined the post-World War II world.

2017/01/04 | TNL Staff

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The biggest stories around Taiwan today.

2017/01/04 | Jay Lin

It's No Longer Just About Us; A Gay Dad in Taiwan Searching for Comforting Smiles

'We have an unquestionable obligation to our children to do all we can to ensure they can grow up in an environment where they are not going to be discriminated against and looked down upon just because they come from a gay household. That burden is on us.'

2017/01/04 | Liu Xu

Get out of Jail Free: China’s Lenient Anti-Monopoly Laws

Loophole-riddled regulations allow firms to carry on profiteering despite paying fines.

2017/01/04 | Jeffrey Hutton

From Turning Tricks to Stomping Kickflips in Jakarta

Park life in the slums: Why the problems facing the controversial Jakarta governor could hurt the city’s skateboarding community.

2017/01/03 | ZiQing Low

Trending in Taiwan Today

The biggest stories around Taiwan today.

2017/01/03 | Matt DeButts

North or South? What’s Behind China’s Linguistic Rivalry

The standardization of Mandarin allows Chinese speakers to move among regional identities — but the feud over pronunciation rages on.