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2017/01/14 | The Japan Times

Redefining The ‘Elderly’ Age in Japan

In the face of mushrooming social security costs in an aging society, the government plans to start making elderly people with incomes above certain levels shoulder a greater burden of their medical and nursing care expenses.

2017/01/14 | Swagata Yadavar

In India, 3 People Die Every 10 Minutes in Road Accidents

Road accidents accounted for 83 percent of all traffic-related deaths in India.

2017/01/13 | Rosemary Chen

Fish Hook in Taiwan's 'Green' Energy Reforms

Taiwan this week passed new legislation to deregulate the electricity market and boost the uptake of clean energy. But do the changes go far enough?

2017/01/13 | ZiQing Low

Legal Loopholes Lead to Human Rights Abuses on Taiwanese Fishing Boats: Report

An Indonesian magazine has found that many Indonesian workers working on Taiwanese fishing vessels are inexperienced.

2017/01/13 | TNL Staff

The Rise of Demagogues and the Risk of a Dark Age Extends to Asia

A tour around the worsening human rights situation facing many countries in Asia.

2017/01/13 | Wang Lianzhang

Shenzhen Closes Door on Blind Migrants

The city’s ‘hukou’ regulations say people with disabilities cannot become official residents.

2017/01/13 | Dinith Adikari

Is Ma Ba Tha Really in Decline?

Despite suffering a series of grave blows, an ’emotional story’ keeps the controversial Buddhist group active and influential in Myanmar, Dinith Adikari writes.

2017/01/13 | Devanik Saha

After Alcohol Ban, Crime Rate Rises

Nine months after liquor was banned in Bihar, India, major crimes is up 13%.

2017/01/11 | Mark Fabian

What Asian Development Can Teach Us About Happiness

Trends suggest that people in China had higher life satisfaction in the aftermath of the nationwide uprisings and crackdowns of 1989 than in the next two decades of rapid growth.

2017/01/11 | Edward White

Are Apps in Asia Killing the Planet?

'Without key policy changes, the rapid growth of the internet in East Asia will likely be powered by coal and other dirty sources of electricity,' Greenpeace says.

2017/01/11 | Edward White

My Party or My People? Indigenous Legislator on the Fight for Self-Determination in Taiwan

Taiwan looks set to open the door for its indigenous people to achieve some degree of autonomy. Will the rest of the population accept it?

2017/01/11 | Wu Haiyun

Why Public Intellectuals Have Become Targets of Online Abuse in China

To young and patriotic internet users, established Chinese literati come across as condescending, intolerant, and sometimes bigoted.

2017/01/11 | Iftekharul Bashar

Myanmar’s Rohingya Plight Faces Jihadist Hijacking

The plight of the Rohingya minority has attracted the attention of regional and international extremist and terrorist groups.

2017/01/09 | Malaysiakini

Vigilantes to Spray Paint Women who don't 'Cover Up'

"Advance Warning to Hindu Female Patrons coming to Thaipusam festival, beware of being sprayed with aerosol paint if found inappropriate dressed," the warning on the Facebook page of Thaipusam Spraying Group reads.

2017/01/09 | Brian Hioe

ANALYSIS: Dissecting the Hong Kong-Taiwan Dialogue

New Bloom's Brian Hioe dissects an interesting dialogue with political activists and legislators from Taiwan and Hong Kong.

2017/01/09 | The Japan Times

Japan Plans Harsher Punishment For Rape

The amendment aims to protect the victims' rights and transform people’s idea of sexual crimes in Japan.

2017/01/09 | Yan Jie

Chinese Police Detain Man for Videos of Islamic State Beheadings

The case comes almost a year after China’s anti-terrorism law was put into effect.

2017/01/09 | Devanik Saha

Only 1 in 100 Sexual Assaults in Karnataka Ends in Conviction

Nationwide, one in 10 such cases ended in conviction, 10 times better than Karnataka’s record.