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2017/12/11 | Jay Lin

OPINION: Is Taiwan Really a Beacon for LGBT Rights in Asia?

Taiwan's LGBT community has an easier time than many, but more needs to be done for such progress to receive international recognition.

2017/12/11 | Cedric Alviani

RSF Cautions against Spread of China's Web Censorship Model

Executives from the likes of Apple and Google do themselves as disservice in pandering to China's attempts to export its internet censorship blueprint.

2017/12/08 | Stanley Lubman

'Credit Totalitarianism' Staggers to Its Feet in China

The dawn of 'sincerity culture' and the technological surveillance that enforces it recalls George Orwell's '1984'.

2017/12/06 | Brian Hioe

Labor Law Demonstrations Culminate in Clashes with Police

Amendments to the Labor Standards Act have moved closer to passage despite protesters' efforts, with the next step happening on Dec. 23.

2017/12/06 | Nadira Mulyandari

A Lifetime of Tolerance and Love Illuminates Indonesia

Amid growing intolerance in Indonesia, an elder example highlights the joy of friendship across racial and religious lines.

2017/12/04 | Morley J Weston

Can Golden Pin Award Raise Taiwan's Profile in the Design World?

The Golden Pin Design Award has some interesting stuff to show but stretches the point of design in asking for connections to Chinese culture.

2017/12/04 | Kenrick Davis

Valkyries Disconnected: Chinese Authorities Pat Down Mobile Games for Violence, Obscenity

Ministry of Culture has 50 Chinese games in its crosshairs for content that’s 'harmful to social values.'

2017/12/04 | Ed Jones

REVIEW: The Chinese Typewriter: A History

Thomas S. Mullaney’ argues that the creation of a Chinese typewriter therefore became a civilizational trial for a country that feared functioning in slow motion in the face of global acceleration.

2017/12/01 | Jennifer Creery

Taiwanese Couples' Agonizing Wait for Same-sex Marriage

Taiwan was praised for its progressive steps towards marriage equality — but the process has stalled.