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2016/08/08 | Yuan-ling Liang

Chinese Police Bust Major Pyramid Scheme in Guangxi

Chinese netizens say MLM gangs have existed in Guangxi for years, but the government has not investigated them closely because they bring about economic growth.

2016/08/08 | Edward White

Pressure Mounts on China to End 'Show Trials’ Ahead of G20 Summit

After a week of televised ‘confessions’ and convictions, fears are mounting for China’s remaining incarcerated human rights activists and one NGO is trying to get world leaders to take notice.

2016/08/08 | J. Michael Cole

OP-ED: Pokémon Go and the Death of Reality

When funeral homes start offering discounts for people who die because of a mobile game, we know there’s a problem with our society.

2016/08/05 | Edward White

ANALYSIS: Unpacking Attacks on Chinese Workers in Africa

Does an attack on Chinese workers in Kenya reflect continent-wide contempt of China’s expanding presence in Africa?

2016/08/05 | Yuan-ling Liang

Are Chinese Cram Schools Teaching People How to be North Korean Defectors?

Two cram schools in China are reportedly teaching people to be North Korean defectors to gain refugee status in Europe.

2016/08/05 | Olivia Yang

Lasting Relationships Key to Breaking Homelessness Cycle: Chen Tsung-jen

'We have been offering all but one resource for the homeless – relationships – and this is what affects the success in providing social services for these people.'

2016/08/05 | Yuan-ling Liang

More than 100 Animals Found Dead at Airport in Taiwan

The animals were due to be shipped to Malaysia appear to have died from heat exhaustion at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport.

2016/08/05 | ZiQing Low

Urban Development Threatens Kaohsiung's Oldest Aboriginal Community

What is home if the people are no more, a member of Taiwan’s Indigenous Youth Front asks?

2016/08/04 | ZiQing Low

Taiwan Tennis Pro Hsieh Su-wei Pulls Out of Rio Olympics

The tennis star has announced she will never play for the Taiwan national team again. Now the ball is in the Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee's court.

2016/08/04 | Edward White

Thailand Referendum a ‘Vote at the Barrel of a Gun'

Politicians from around Southeast Asia have hit out at the constitutional referendum taking place in Thailand on Sunday.

2016/08/04 | ZiQing Low

China's Road-Straddling Bus: A Scam?

Chinese state-run media argues that the eye-catching vehicle may not exactly live up to expectations.

2016/08/04 | Hsu Chia-yu

Taiwan Flight Attendants Delisted From Union For Not Striking

Among the flight attendants who were taken off the union list are those who were working during President Tsai Ing-wen's first state visit.

2016/08/03 | Austin Chad Willhoft

‘Don’t Blame China’ — Education Needed on Air Pollution in Taiwan

The Taiwan Electric Vehicles Association is leading the charge in educating Taiwanese about the benefits of switching to electric vehicles, and the harsh reality of air pollution.

2016/08/03 | Hsu Chia-yu

Efforts Underway to Clean-Up Animal Testing in Taiwan

Experts hope that labs with international accreditation will improve the quality of animal testing in Taiwan.

2016/08/02 | Olivia Yang

Online Media Mata Taiwan Bridges the Gap Between Aborigines and 'Han Chinese'

'Many non-Aborigines see Taiwan as one community that should come together to pursue a mutual goal, but the differences in Aborigine and Han consciousness need to be addressed for us to discuss a future together.'

2016/08/01 | The Japan Times

OP-ED: Plastic Waste Turning Seas Toxic

'Since Japan consumes large volumes of fish, including one-fifth of the global tuna catch, and has vast expanses of exclusive economic zones in its surrounding seas, it has both a practical and moral obligation to promote global efforts to protect the oceans by working out concrete and effective measures to fight marine pollution.'