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2016/08/24 | TNL Staff

UPDATE: Taiwan's Tai Tzu-ying Will Not Be Punished or Suspended

The Chinese Taipei Badminton Assocation has apologized and made further related announcements.

2016/08/23 | Hsu Chia-yu

Netizens Slam ROC Flag on 'Not Chinese Taipei' Football Shirt

Some Netizens are accusing fashion brand S.H In Taiwan of ignorance over a 'sensitive' political issue.

2016/08/23 | Edward White

China’s Latest Website Rules Shows Beijing is ‘Re-Centralizing News’

China’s move to tighten control of online news portals is just the latest effort by Beijing to assert party dominance over original news and other content.

2016/08/23 | Mo Tz-pin

What is Behind the Exodus from Hong Kong?

Tighter media restrictions and a worsening economic climate have been blamed for a spike in the number of people leaving Hong Kong.

2016/08/23 | Timothy Ferry

Taiwan Tech Finds Role in Education

Innovative approaches to learning are creating new business opportunities.

2016/08/23 | Olivia Yang

Taiwan Sports Industry Under Fire After Rio

Taiwan's sports industry has been widely criticized before and after the 2016 Rio Olympics. What went wrong and how can improvements be made?

2016/08/23 | J. Michael Cole

OP-ED: Rebuild the Dapu Pharmacy

As the Tsai administration mulls updating Taiwan’s antiquated laws on land expropriation, one demolished building serves as a powerful symbol.

2016/08/23 | Dong Heng

China’s Corpse Salvagers Profit From Misfortune

When disaster strikes, scavengers scour rivers for opportunity.

2016/08/22 | Edward White

Expats' Huge Hospital Bill Shows Taiwan's Law Needs Changing: Lawyer

As a flood of donations pours in, a Taiwanese legal commentator says the law excluding the newborns of foreigners in Taiwan from immediate insurance coverage needs changing.

2016/08/22 | Yuan-ling Liang

Rise in Number of 'May-December Marriages' a Sign of Gender Equality

Nearly one in five new brides in Taiwan is older than her husband. Many see this new phenomenon as the result of a more open-minded society and the impact of feminism.

2016/08/22 | Ni Dandan

HIV-Positive Gay Men Find Little Support in China

As the population of rural men with HIV grows, treatment remains woefully inadequate.

2016/08/19 | ZiQing Low

Expat Couple Shocked by US$41k Taiwan Hospital Bill

An expat couple in Taiwan have started a crowdfunding campaign after being hit with a surprise medical bill after the birth of their twin daughters.

2016/08/19 | ZiQing Low

Grim Outlook for Taiwanese Arrested on Drug Charges in Indonesia

Five Taiwanese nationals arrested in Indonesia on drug-related offences may face the death penalty as Jokowi continues to wage his War on Drugs.

2016/08/18 | ZiQing Low

Taiwanese Student Takes On Global Problem with Paper Straw Design

A video of a plastic straw being extracted from the nose of a sea turtle pushed Cheng Wang-tung to design an award-winning foldable paper straw.

2016/08/18 | Olivia Yang

Taiwan's Uniform Regulations Loosened Again, Students Not Rejoicing

Students say the government needs to tackle a few problems before the amendments can be effective.

2016/08/18 | Wang Hua

Why ‘Kidults’ Are a Headache for Chinese Teachers

University staff have to deal with angry parents when their students refuse to take responsibility for their actions.

2016/08/17 | Hsu Chia-yu

Expelled HIV Student Wants to Return to University as Pressure on Government Mounts

'I thought of each day as a war.' Calls are mounting for the Taiwanese government to intervene in the case of a student who was expelled from a military university after he tested positive for HIV. The student just wants to complete his degree.