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2016/12/27 | ZiQing Low

Taiwan Nazi Parade Continues Decades of Ignorance; Netizens Defend Students

Taiwan's Jewish leaders say the incident is 'a cause for great concern,' while some Taiwanese are defending the students.

2016/12/27 | Kirsten Han

Amos Yee Could Face Longer Detention Period for US Asylum Bid

The Singaporean teenage blogger was detained on Dec. 16 in Chicago after authorities discovered that he intended to seek asylum in the United States. His lawyer now says that it's possible he could be facing a longer period in jail.

2016/12/27 | Denise Tse-Shang Tang

Book Review: Queer/Tongzhi China: New Perspectives on Research, Activism and Media Cultures

In Queer/Tongzhi China: New Perspectives on Research, Activism and Media Cultures, Elisabeth L. Engebretsen and William F. Schroeder offer a volume of essays that explores queer activist communities in China, traversing such themes as media representation, queer filmmaking and film festivals and autoethnographic methodologies.

2016/12/26 | Olivia Yang

PHOTO STORY: Taiwan's Same-Sex Marriage Bill Passes Committee Review amid Protest

More than 30,000 supporters of same-sex marriage gathered around the Legislative Yuan this morning while more than 10,000 protesters occupied the street in front of the building.

2016/12/24 | Kirsten Han

BREAKING: Singaporean Blogger Detained Seeking Asylum in United States

Teen blogger Amos Yee made headlines again and again with two convictions for wounding religious feelings in two years in Singapore. Now, he's spending Christmas in an adult correctional facility while seeking asylum in the U.S.

2016/12/22 | Kheang Un

Cambodia gets an Autocratic Upgrade in 2016

The domination of Cambodia's ruling party will continue to restrict political space even as the government faces pressure from the CNRP and Western governments.

2016/12/21 | Khemthong Tonsakulrungruang

Thailand Slides into an Orwellian Dystopia

Online censorship in Thailand has become more draconian following the approval of additional legislation last week to curtail freedom of thought, Khemthong Tonsakulrungruang writes.

2016/12/20 | Sanjukta Nair

In India, as Income Rises, Fewer Girls are Born

India’s child sex ratio, or the number of girls below six per 1,000 boys, too has declined over the years.

2016/12/20 | ZiQing Low

Trending in Taiwan Today

Today's biggest stories from around Taiwan.

2016/12/20 | Wang Lianzhang

China County Official Apologizes to Journalists Assaulted by Police

Deputy police chief removed from his post after reporters were roughed up during interrogation.

2016/12/19 | Noahlyn Maranan

The Double-Edged Sword of Social Media in the Philippines

The rise of social media in the Philippines is providing people with new sites of contestation. This is both good and bad news for democracy, writes Noahlyn Maranan.

2016/12/18 | Wu Po-Yu

'Marginalized Heterosexual, White Cis-male' is Not Always an Oxymoron

If true equality is what we are searching for, we should not argue who had it worse but instead seek out a way to elevate everyone, argues Wu Po-Yu.

2016/12/16 | Veronique Greenwood

In China, Searching to Fill Mysterious Gaps in the Family Tree

China’s revolution made it difficult for Chinese abroad to stay in contact with their families. Now many in the diaspora are searching for their roots.