Singapore’s Government Is Not ‘Pro-Worker.’ These Charts Show How.

Roy Ngerng

Singapore is not pro-worker. If anything, it is pro-GIC and pro-Temasek Holdings, and it is pro-ministers – while workers are left to languish.


Water Supply Suspension in Central Taiwan To Continue Despite Recent Rainfall

TNL Staff

The long-waited rain has temporarily eased pressure on the water supply, but the suspension in central Taiwan is likely to continue.


Adult Streaming Platform SWAG Is in Hot Water With Taiwan’s Authorities

Janine Sun Rogers

SWAG’s situation calls to mind recent high-profile scandals, concerning the rights and safety of content creators on online platforms, the lasting environmental impacts of blockchain technology, and moderation of online communities.

外送員籌組工會 盼更多人加入保障權益

Taiwan’s Food Delivery Workers Campaign for Labor Union and Better Pay

Bryan Chou

Foodpanda and UberEats started implementing a new method of payroll calculation in April, and some workers said this would reduce their pay.


Fire Breaks Out at Taipei Q Square Shopping Mall

TNL Staff

The latest reports from Apple Daily state that the fire originated in the Palais de Chine Hotel.


Taiwanese American Investors Hold Fundraiser To Support Taroko Train Crash Victims

TNL Staff

More than US$85,000 was brought in by the event, which the organizers plan to donate to the Taitung city government for their second phase of recovery efforts.

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