Where Are the Women in Chinese Politics?

East Asia Forum

The National People’s Congress is the only national-level political institution in China that has adopted some form of gender quota, but today women only make up 26.54% of the congress.


Survey: Over 60% Of Taiwanese Support Same-Sex Marriage

TNL Staff

Friendliness towards the transgender community has also been growing.


Taiwan’s Citizen Judges Sit in 26 Criminal Cases Since January

TNL Staff

According to the Judicial Yuan, citizen judges are expected to sit in 300 cases this year.


Taiwan Approves Adoption Rights for Same-Sex Couples

TNL Staff

The move came after the Cabinet recognized transnational same-sex couples in which one of the partners is from a country which doesn’t allow same-sex marriage.


Demography Poses No Imminent Threat to China’s Economic Modernization

East Asia Forum

In the short to medium term, fewer children imply reduced expenditure — an advantage to the economy.


Taiwan Heading Into Its Super-aged Era

East Asia Forum

According to projections, Taiwan will become one of the oldest countries in the world in 2060 when the share of the elderly is likely to reach 41.4% of the population.


A Japanese Resident’s Experience of Becoming a Naturalized Taiwanese Citizen

TNL Feature

Kenzo Hirohashi, a writer who has been living in Taiwan for three decades, recently became a naturalized citizen. Why did he decide to become a Taiwanese citizen?

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