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Creatives as Frontliners in the Philippines’ Fight Against Disinformation

East Asia Forum

The Marcos and Duterte camps have been successful in advancing compelling narratives for their political gain. But these narratives are not necessarily durable. As media studies scholar Jason Cabanes and historian Fernando Santiago put it, counter-disinformation efforts can “turn disinformation campaigns on their head by turning their own strategies against them.”


Suicide Deaths Hit Three-Year High in Taiwan

TNL Staff

Suicide is the second leading cause of death for those aged 15-24.


Taiwan: Sexual Misconduct Allegations Spark Law Reform

TNL Staff

The Executive Yuan proposed increasing penalties for employers who sexually harass or attack their employees.


Taiwan’s Ruling Party Rocked by Sexual Harassment Allegations

TNL Staff

Local media have dubbed the string of events Taiwan’s “MeToo” moment.


Labor Rights Groups Protest Against Plan To Hire More Migrant Workers

TNL Staff

Labor rights groups say the government’s plan to hire an additional 28,000 migrant workers will exacerbate exploitation.


Domestic Lawfare: ‘PRC Citizens Are Taiwanese’ Rule Abolished 

Michael Fahey

A new executive order states that PRC citizens “neither enjoy the rights nor have the duties of ROC citizens.” It may not have a lasting negative impact on the legal rights of PRC citizens in Taiwan, but it demonstrates a clear message that Taiwan and China are separate countries.


Taiwan: Spouses and Children of Foreign Talent Eligible for Permanent Residency

TNL Staff

The amended law also requires that foreigners who have seriously violated internationally recognized human rights principles be denied entry into Taiwan.

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