OPINION: It’s Not oBike, It’s You

Matthew Lubin

It is not only the government’s responsibility to correct residents’ behavior. It is incumbent upon all residents to take on the matter, writes Matthew Lubin.


Old Power Re-Emerges in Indonesia

Gustav Brown

What appears to be the emergence of a new religious politics in Indonesia is, in reality, the re-emergence of an old power apparatus — that of the New Order deep state.


Rohaya-Selamet Marriage Isn't Funny, but Disturbing and Unlawful

Marisna Yulianti

'If we continue misusing it for the sake of justifying child marriage or abusive polygamous relationship, then the joke is on us.'


Education Charity in China Struggles to Soar Amid Rural Brain Drain

Lu Hongyong

The Adream Foundation serves 3 million underprivileged students but is hampered by top teaching talent fleeing to cities.


O&A: Startup Aiming to Conquer Emojis, GIFs and Likes

Kuan Chen

Q&A with the Australian founder of Taiwan-based ReCactus.

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