Gender Identity Confronts Indigenous Traditions in 'Alifu, The Prince/ss'

Olivia Yang

The latest film by Taiwanese director Wang Yu-lin is making waves in Taiwan, not just because it discusses LGBTQ issues, but also the conflicts between gender identity and local indigenous traditions.


China’s Fevered Property Market Exporting Risk to Asia

Tristan Kenderdine

Global risk merchants are starting to fret over Chinese local governance — a matter that was conveniently ignored throughout the growth boom of the past two decades.


Reflections from China's Rustbelt: A Laid-off Worker’s Story

Liang Chenyu

Once the heart of industrial China, Fularji paints a desolate picture of state-owned enterprises racked with debt.


Exploring What It Means to Be Young and Vietnamese


Hanoi-based podcast, 'The Renovation Generation,' is bringing to light how Vietnam's young population is diverse, complex and full of stories.


CARTOON: Beijing Driving Out 'Lower-End Population'

Stellina Chen

People say the definition of the term is unclear and discriminating.

Big Data

Big Data & AI Harnessed to Perfect the Police State in China

Dr. Willy Wo-Lap Lam

The increasing sophistication and reach of the country’s AI-enabled police-state apparatus mean that it is possible that Liu’s peaceful, moderate and incremental goals for political liberalization might lapse into dormancy for the foreseeable future.


From Mao to TV Health Shows: The Changing Chain of Command Facing China's Elderly

Wanning Sun

Having lived through the Maoist decades when the Party-state told them how to live their private lives, senior citizens are now learning to become self-governing subjects, writes Wanning Sun.

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