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2020/09/18 | Taiwan Insight
The Growing Complexity and Diversity of Taiwanese Families
Taiwan currently vies with South Korea for having the lowest total fertility rate in the world.
2020/09/10 | Will Peyton
What Is China’s Polar Strategy?
The central question surrounding the Xuelong 2 seems to be whether it is an innocuous display of China’s soft power or signals geopolitical storms to come.
2018/10/05 | SME.Sandbox
The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Board of Science and Technology Promote Innovation Sandbox Together to Demonstrate Government Support for Innovation and Entrepreneurship; MOEA Hosts “2018 Innovat
Directed by the Office of Science & Technology, Executive Yuan and hosted by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the 2018 Innovation Sandbox Exchange Forum was hosted at NEO Studio, Taipei on October 3rd. Audrey Tang, Minister without Portfolio of the Executive Yuan, Zse-hong Tsai, Executive Secretary of the Office of Science & Technology, and Wellington L. Koo, Chairman of the Financial Supervisory Commission were all invited to attend. The Forum hopes to make innovation sandbox an important mechanism amid a comprehensive innovation entrepreneurship environment, as well as a driving force for innovation development in Taiwan.
2020/09/08 | TNL Staff
Taiwan's Opposition Party Says No to American Pork
Food safety concerns have triggered domestic political debate in Taiwan over allowing the import of U.S. pork containing ractopamine, a leanness-enhancing additive.
2020/09/07 | James X. Morris
This Taiwanese Family Is Fighting for Their Lost Ancestral Tomb
Across Taiwan, burial grounds are being demolished to make way for developers. One family is putting up a fight.
2016/05/06 | 廣編企劃
Tired of all the Secret Spots in Taiwan? Come Broaden Your Horizons!
Since the trial operation of the Southern Branch of the National Palace Museum began, the daily free admission of 1,000 visitors has increased to 1,750 visitors. The number was even bumped up to 5,000 visitors during spring break...
2020/09/02 | TNL Staff
Taiwan Unveils New Passport Design
Taiwan has revealed a new passport design, reducing the size of the words "Republic of China."
Independence Day Takes On New Meaning For Indonesian Fishermen
“Some can’t join us today. They have to work,” Muzahir said. “We just have to find a way to enjoy it.”
2020/08/28 | Roy Ngerng
The Pay in Taiwan Is Too Damn Low
Taiwan’s minimum wage is not just lower than the international standard. Its rate of growth has lagged.
2020/08/27 | Catherine Chou
Don’t Blame Jeremy Lin. The Problem Is Taiwan’s ROC Nationality Laws.
If Taiwan does not want to be seen simply as a “Chinese democracy,” giving a permanent stake in society to those who migrated from other parts of the world is an important step towards shedding that label.
2020/08/21 | TNL Staff
Philippine-Made Hair Product Listed Manila as ‘Province of China’
Manila's mayor ordered the closure of at least four businesses selling hair products erroneously labeling the Philippines as a province of China.
2020/08/19 | Roy Ngerng
Taiwan's Minimum Wage Increase Doesn't Go Far Enough
Taiwan’s proposed minimum wage increase is still lower than the minimum wage in countries with comparable GDPs per capita, what a plurality of Taiwanese think, and what Taiwan’s own political leaders say it should be.
2020/08/17 | Alex Garcia
The Planned Expressway to Taipei Would Be a Disaster
Stopping the Danbei road project will contribute more to the goals of building a sustainable city than all of New Taipei’s plans combined.
2020/08/13 | TNL Staff
Taiwan to Amend Age of Majority From 20 to 18
Taiwan will lower the legal age of majority from 20 to 18 in its Civil Code.
2020/08/13 | Voice of America
As China’s Vloggers Draw International Fans, Beijing Sees Soft Power Opportunity
One of China’s most popular vloggers, Li Ziqi, has garnered millions of followers based on her idyllic depictions of China’s country life.
2020/08/04 | Michael Fahey
The Case for Equitable Dual Nationality in Taiwan
Ultimately, the decision to permit dual nationality comes down to whether Taiwan is an ethnic national state like Japan or a country based on shared values like the United States or France.
2020/07/28 | James X. Morris
How Hong Kong Activists Are Sustaining Pro-Democracy Movement in Taiwan
After a year of intense protesting, Hong Kong activists in Taiwan are shifting gears, organizing a group called Hong Kong Outlanders to encompass art, education, and lobbying of government figures to sustain interest in their cause.
2020/07/23 | Brian Hioe
Brian Tseng Controversy Reveals Anxieties Beneath Taiwan's Politics
The Night Night Show, hosted by Brian Tseng, has accepted money from presidential candidates to appear as guests. The ensuing controversy reveals anxieties about Taiwan's entertainment and democratic cultures.
2020/07/15 | TNL Staff
Hualien Education Department Investigates ‘Blue Whale Challenge’ Among Teenagers
Hualien County’s Department of Education has notified all teachers to assist in the investigation into anonymous messages inviting students to join the "Blue Whale Challenge."