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2016/06/07 | J. Michael Cole
Change Doesn’t Come Out of Thin Air
President Tsai has vowed to transform the way government operates by empowering young people and bringing new voices into her administration. For this to happen, the conservatives will have to be willing to bow out gracefully.
2016/06/06 | J. Michael Cole
Taiwan’s Compulsory Military Service: Fix it or Drop it
If Taiwan is to retain a basic military training program, it should make sure the nation gets a proper return on the investment.
2016/06/04 | J. Michael Cole
The Fight for Freedom Knows No Borders
The Tiananmen Square Massacre anniversary is a reminder that defending freedom and human rights against tyranny is a common responsibility—and in our best interest.
2016/06/03 | Edward White
Tsai's First 100 Days Key for Investor Confidence: AmCham
A rapid turnaround of Taiwan’s economy is unlikely, but Tsai Ing-wen’s first 100 days in office will be critical for business confidence.
2016/06/03 | J. Michael Cole
Who Is Pushing Away from Whom in the Taiwan Strait?
President Tsai is being accused of trying to move Taiwan away from China. Rather than accuse Taipei of breaking an unwritten rule, we should instead ask why China has become less and less attractive to the people of Taiwan.
2016/06/02 | Edward White
The Duterte Paradox: Taiwan and the Philippines Head into the Unknown
Philippine President-elect Rodrigo Duterte is seen as a wildcard by many and his moves over the coming months will send ripples across the region.  
2016/06/02 | J. Michael Cole
China’s Great Fear of the Looking Glass
An increasingly assertive Chinese Communist Party doesn’t want us to look too closely into China’s eroding human rights situation and activities abroad. We must keep at it, or we’ll all lose.
2016/06/02 | Timothy S. Rich
North Korea’s Brinkmanship Isn’t Irrational
Rather than focusing on the idiosyncrasies of the North Korean regime or ignoring patterns of behavior, greater attention should be placed on efforts to enhance North Korea’s own sense of stability.
2016/06/01 | J. Michael Cole
Taipei in a Tight Spot on South China Sea Claims
President Tsai’s ability to change Taiwan’s policy on the territorial dispute is constrained by the need to keep cross-strait relations on an even keel.
2016/05/31 | Kirsten Han
Singaporean Activists Harassed by Police for 'Breaching' Election Rules
It’s a worrying state of affairs when expressing your political opinions on Facebook on a particular day is all it takes for police to gain access to all your data without a warrant or court order.
2016/05/31 | J. Michael Cole
PLA 'Stride' Military Exercises: Is Taiwan in the Crosshairs?
While it may be tempting to see connections between large-scale drills and Tsai Ing-wen’s election in January, 2016, Zhurihe is not evidence of escalation. 
2016/05/31 | J. Michael Cole
The 'Chinese Taipei' WHA Controversy: Time to Think Strategically
President Tsai has been heavily criticized by the green camp for ‘failing’ to uphold the nation’s ‘dignity’ at this year’s WHA meeting in Switzerland. In reality, Taiwan’s participation was a small victory.
2016/05/30 | Edward White
Deal with Crooked Brokers and Soft Judges to Fix Human Trafficking
Taiwan’s anti-human trafficking system is failing to stem the flow of workers from Southeast Asia into exploitative working environments in Taiwan. An NGO leader who has helped thousands of victims is calling for change.
2016/05/30 | Timothy S. Rich
For Ban Ki-moon, Is There Life After the U.N.?
After he steps down as U.N. secretary-general, Ban Ki-moon could be a frontrunner for the presidency in South Korea. But some issues will have to be resolved first.
2016/05/30 | J. Michael Cole
Looking for the Real ‘Troublemaker’ in the Taiwan Strait
Global headlines have a tendency to portray Taiwan and the DPP as the cause of instability in the Taiwan Strait. But things are a little more complex than that.