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2018/05/31 | Sumit Kumar

Indian PM Modi Acts East with Indonesian Strategic Pact

A strategic partnership with Indonesia offers a platform for India to push its economic and defense engagement with ASEAN.

2018/05/30 | David Green

Chinese Human Rights Defender Huang Yan Claims Asylum in Taiwan

Taiwan has allowed the prominent Chinese dissident to enter the country.

2018/05/29 | Taiwan Insight

ANALYSIS: The Broken Promise of Tsai Ing-wen

The DPP's record on following through with promises of political reform is less than stellar.

2018/05/28 | Morley J Weston

US Takes First Steps on New Pro-Taiwan Legislation

A slew of pro-Taiwan legislation has been brought to the US congress in the last two months.

2018/05/27 | David Green

Taiwan 'Outraged' as Burkina Faso Signs Communique with China

Taiwan vocalizes its frustration at China's ongoing efforts to throttle its international agency.

2018/05/25 | Dr. Amir F.N. Abdul Manan

OPINION: Malaysia's House of Cards and 2-Party Democracy

It is time to take steps to ensure Malaysia matures into a strong two-party democracy.

2018/05/25 | The Interpreter

Confronting Coldstore: Why Singapore Must Face Its Past

There is still time for those who took part in epoch-making events in Singapore's history to give their personal testimony.

2018/05/25 | Taiwan Insight

TAIWAN: After 2 Years of Tsai, Voters Shun Partisan Politics

Data suggests Taiwan voters increasingly identify as non-partisan.

2018/05/25 | The Conversation

Malaysia's Real Political Struggle Is Just Beginning

The election went smoothly, but the political forecast looks rough.

2018/05/24 | Eryk Smith

Kaohsiung Builds but People May Need a Nudge Before They Come

Kaohsiung is constructing monuments to progress, but basic quality-of-life improvements are needed to make the city truly livable.

2018/05/23 | Netusha Naidu

OPINION: 'Critical Optimism' Lights Malaysia's Way Forward

A personal narrative of how GE14 flew in the face of expectations of a global democratic decline.

2018/05/18 | David Green

WHO Bows to China Pressure, Contravenes Human Rights in Refusing Taiwan Media

This is the second year in a row that Taiwanese journalists have been denied access to the world's largest heath policy meeting.

2018/05/18 | Chee Soon Juan

OPINION: Singapore Must Accept Protest to Emulate Malaysian Tsunami

It has taken Malaysia decades of civil and political struggle to achieve democratic regime change.

2018/05/17 | The Conversation

When Dictators Fall, Who Replaces Them?

A global glance at the future of authoritarianism.

2018/05/16 | Morley J Weston

Taiwan's NGOs Take to the Internet to Protest WHA Exclusion

Chinese pressure is again keeping Taiwan out of the world's biggest health policy meeting.