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2018/04/30 | Khaw Chia Hui

PROFILE: Walking Tall in the Land of 'Seditious' Clowns

It will take more than a fine and the threat of jail time to end Fahmi Reza's fight for freedom of expression in Malaysia.

2018/04/30 | Sumit Kumar

Indian Prime Minister Modi's China Summit Explained

The informal summit meeting between Narendra Modi and Xi Jinping arrested a decline in bilateral ties but should serve as a floor for a more comprehensive framework to resolve disputes.

2018/04/27 | Nick Aspinwall

Taiwan Labor Ministry's Brokerage Evaluation Sparks Concern

The labor agency's yearly assessment of migrant worker broker firms is underway, but a recent protest has renewed sentiments that the brokerage system is unethical by design.

2018/04/27 | Courtney Donovan Smith (石東文)

ANALYSIS: Tsai Ing-wen’s DPP Should Fight Ko-P for Taipei Mayor

A poll finding suggests that to fend off the KMT in Taipei, President Tsai Ing-wen's DPP would benefit from running its own candidate rather than backing the incumbent mayor.

2018/04/27 | New Mandala

OPINION: Rampant Inequality Muddles Elections in Malaysia

Malaysia's ethnic, economic and cultural divides are holding back any common vision for the future as the country struggles to bridge gaping inequality.

2018/04/26 | David Green

Video of Human Rights Lawyer Yu Wensheng Highlights China's Abuse of Detainees

Video evidence recorded by Chinese human rights lawyer Yu Wensheng prior to his detention contradicts Chinese authorities' claims that he has voluntarily dismissed legal representation.

2018/04/25 | Morley J Weston

Designing Taiwan's New Identity Card

Voting is already underway in the Identity Redesign contest, and many entries have proven controversial.

2018/04/24 | Taiwan Business TOPICS Magazine

Taiwan Struggles amid Impending Electricity Shortage

Politically inconvenient choices define the search for more power as AC units switch on for the summer and Taiwan's renewable push struggles to make headway.

2018/04/20 | Kathy Cheng

Taiwan's Online Tourism Marketing Spends Public Money for Nothing

Taiwan's online tourism marketing is nothing short of a disgrace.

2018/04/17 | Suzanne Pepper

HONG KONG: Benny Tai's Topsy-turvy Taiwan Journey

Benny Tai's comments on the future possibility of self-determination for people and places in Greater China was nothing new but Beijing's reaction frames new limits on freedom of speech in Hong Kong.

2018/04/16 | The Conversation

The Lowdown on Trump-Kim and North Korea's End Game

North Korea is orchestrating a multinational merry-go-round amid fears it is merely playing for time.

2018/04/14 | New Mandala

OPINION: Social Media is Running Roughshod over Rural Malaysian Politics

Technological change is reshaping traditional political loyalties in Malaysia.

2018/04/13 | New Mandala

OPINION: Malaysia's Fake News Law Will Be a Political Sledgehammer

The new law may be wielded unfairly against the state's critics.

2018/04/13 | Stellina Chen

CARTOON: Taiwan's Government Plays Matchmaker

The Ministry of the Interior wants to get people in the mood, but young couples aren't taking the hint.

2018/04/12 | The Interpreter

OPINION: Vietnam's Political Crackdown Jeopardizes Economic Progress

The Communist Party's suppression of political dissent could damage foreign partners' willingness to deepen economic and security ties.

2018/04/12 | Sumit Kumar

OPINION: Nepal Prime Minister's Visit Leaves Modi and India Cold

India and Nepal have a trust deficit that is pushing Kathmandu closer to Beijing.