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2018/03/31 | New Mandala

The Next Election Will 'Change the Malaysian Narrative'

A panel discusses the future of Malaysia -- massive changes are underway, but the public remains unenthused about upcoming elections.

2018/03/30 | The China Policy Institute

What's Behind China's Confused Communications?

China sends contradictory messages to audiences at home and abroad – the question is whether this is deliberate.

2018/03/28 | GlobalVoices 全球之聲

Shanghai Government Cracks Down on Dual Citizenship

The policy was supposedly enacted to assist the government’s anti-graft campaign.

2018/03/28 | New Bloom

OPINION: Trump's Tariffs on Taiwan Point to a Deeper Truth

The recent hit to Taiwan's steel industry raise questions about the nature of the relationship between Taiwan and the United States.

2018/03/28 | Taiwan Insight

OPINION: Taiwan Can Breathe Easier after Xi's Power Play

Xi Jinping may well plan to step aside as president in 2023, but he will maintain power behind the scenes anyway.

2018/03/27 | The Conversation

OPINION: Barisan Nasional Election Manipulation Puts Democracy in Crisis

Malaysia's ruling coalition's dirty politics and gerrymandering make the administration a major part of the crisis besetting global democracy.

2018/03/27 | AsiaGlobal Online

Air Conditioning Is Choking Tropical Asia

Access to cool air is a matter of class and wealth in cities like Manila.

2018/03/27 | New Mandala

The World's Neglect Continues to Haunt Cambodia

The world’s feeble response to the bloody events of 1997 directly influences the situation we see today in Cambodia.

2018/03/26 | The Interpreter

Is Myanmar's Leadership Too Old for the Job?

The graying leadership of the ruling National League for Democracy is an impediment to real change.

2018/03/25 | Asia & The Pacific Policy Society

OPINION: Thailand's Special Economic Zones Fail to Deliver

Once viewed as a panacea, SEZs are unlikely to succeed in driving new investments in Thailand.

2018/03/22 | East Asia Forum

OPINION: Malaysian Politics Must Embrace Younger Voters

Malaysia's young people are not interested in politics despite representing the largest segment of the vote.

2018/03/22 | New Bloom

OPINION: Western Media Is Misreading the Taiwan Travel Act

The Taiwan Travel Act merely signals the potential of closer US-Taiwan ties, and from a reluctant and unpredictable White House at that.

2018/03/20 | TNL Staff

Suspicion and Anger in Hualien as Earthquake Donations Diverted to Industry

Online rumors have swirled over the management of donations offered by private citizens.

2018/03/20 | Suzanne Pepper

OPINION: Hong Kong's Occupy Fervor Finally Evaporates at Polls

Hong Kong's democracy movement is pondering its next move as voters lose hope at the ballot box.

2018/03/20 | The Interpreter

China Quietly Announces New Aid Agency

Details about the precise role and structure of an independent Chinese aid agency are yet to be released.